What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut

Publicerades den 5 mar 2019
Our #lineup guessers try to figure out what language these strangers are speaking to them
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What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge


  • The Pakistani was racist

  • much respect for the native dude. im also native and my language is dying too lmfaooooo

  • When Mongolia started first, I was like "woah!" Did not see that coming Lmao

  • That's not the accent you speak hindi in

  • I hate that I've studied linguistics for years and I couldn't guess hardly any of these


  • OMG my neighbors are from the Congo and as soon as the second girl started talking that was my first guess, but I felt unsure. Never been so excited to guess something correctly before lol

  • I want to learn Russian but people there said the grammar is hard to learn. I can only read a bit but doesn't even know what it mean except names and some few words

  • You need to put Arabic

  • Why that Hindu nigga started singing ?

  • I want to hear the white dude in brown speaking Chinese. Interested in hearing his accent (or lack thereof)

  • This was interesting to watch, the tall white dude was rly nice, chill and polite and Yana is hot af, but ffs that dude speaking Russian ; just fuck him! He is not Russian, not even a Slav and his pronunciation was off. There is a decent amount of Russians in the USA and you end up finding some random old dirty black virgin guy...

  • She really thought Mongolian was Swedish

  • It's my language lingala

  • *Ci* *ash* *a* *shi* I’m speaking parsel tounge

  • That Urdu guy was full on singing Bollywood songs

  • God the guy in the purple sweatshirt was really annoying. And looking at comments, it doesn't seem like he knows russian that well

  • The guy and the girl at 5:50 would make an adorable couple but maybe that’s just me lol

  • What? No cyka blyat here?

  • Bespectacled afro American speaks Russian with terrible accent

  • yoooo whats yana @ tho

  • I knew that it was going to be difficult when the first guy spoke my native language, but I only figured that out on the third try.

  • 'white people explain their relationships to various world languages'

  • Contact me for Round 3 plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fat girl is so racist

  • Are you fucking shitting me. It is insulting when people dont know the proper history and then they insult it... at 2:20ish they talked about Khan and raping there was way more other stuff then rape back then... The chick is definitely not brought up there she can be Mongol or Kazakh from ancestry but how she is acting I can bet she is brought up in the west... If she was then she would have definitely talked some knowledge in that idiot brown headed girl. I am portion Mongol lmfao yeah and i am 100% human so go fuck a donkey.

  • Why is it cool to insult white people now? We've tried so hard to eradicate racism, but here Cut is, setting it on fire. Thanks, Cut, for promoting hate against whites. They're definitely worthy of insult. Just like the Jews were in the Holocaust, just like the blacks were in the days of slavery. It seems like we can never get past our egos. No matter what we do, persecution always finds a way into our lives. Whether we're mean to Jews or blacks or whites, we just have to be mean to somebody. Grow the fuck up and quit picking on people for their race--yes, that includes white people. ALL LIVES MATTER.

  • I really thought the second girl was Haitian because it sounded French 😭

  • I studied Russian and my boyfriend is Russian, I'm not formal fluent but I'm conversational and when he started talking I could immediately tell it was Russian but all I heard was "eriwhyrwuefhrwutf CYKA ewaohweriohwerf PRIVET"

  • The guy whith the brown shirt ..looks like a Charming prince!!!! And his voice!!! Is charming prince!!!!

  • I am learning german currently... i really wish that one day, i can resume my russian and master it. After hindi, it is my fave language!

  • bruh urdu dude literally couldn’t figure out the difference between “gora” and “ghoda”.....it’s not that subtle lmfao. also he kinda had an accent

  • The Native American Guy Is So Hot

  • Misrepresentation of Russian language 😓

  • This is Lani 🐕 Lani cant swim She is in a lake Dont let her drown in the comments ❤️

  • The brown sweater white guy OWNS my ass. Take me daddy

  • that russian accent oh boy 😶😶

  • my mom speaks khomer she pronounces blanket blonkot I'm better at English than my mom

  • Suka bylat

  • Stuck on what to say, so starts earraping me?


  • The Native American language omg 💕 such a beautifully spoken language

  • School

  • 13:00 The song Joy To The World has a whole new meaning all of a sudden

  • everyone who plays cs:go got the russian guy.

  • 5:26 He's like: 'You're very close' Is that what you were saying? No. Yes? No. Can you say no? No. That was hilarious

  • me being russian it was amusing to see another russian person saying those things 😂😂

  • Makes video about listening to different languages....plays background music for that video.... wtf?

  • what's up with the guy in purple? too extreme -_-

  • That Urdu was atrocious

  • I'm from Congo too me and my family

  • Where's latin

  • That guy in the brown shirt is so awesome. Knowing a bunch of them and wanting to learn words so bad and just! Love that dude. Wanna be his friend.

  • Everyone else always expecting to listen their language? 🙋‍♀️

  • The video is ok but the cuts are atrocious. And why is the video so long, i got bored in minutes.

  • 6:50 why so dirty 😂

  • I'm sorry but as soon as the guy in the purple sweater started speaking and I saw the captions, I was dying 😂😂😂

  • My first words in chinese were ........ are u gay? xD

  • The black guy speaks broken russian. its almost like he google translate all his words.

  • I can tell the guy at the beginning is Russian, I'm playing along with them lol.

  • third person ltrly sounds like sims

  • The sentences from the dutch girl were not completely correct....

  • Get someone to speak Albanian. It's a very unique european language. I am curious what they would guess

  • Vlaanderen wohoo :D

  • The Urdu dude lowkey brings us to shame. Sorry Shehbaz... :(

  • The man who gave a degree in russian to that guy in purple should get rid of his opportunity of giving degrees 🙄 the russian of that purple guy is awful ( I am a native speaker )

  • the tall white guy is adorably awkward

  • wow didn't have Scandinavian in there

  • 11:12 am i the only one who thinks she sounds like a sim in sims 4 😂

  • purple sweater guy scared tf out of me.

  • It's a little ridiculous to expect people to know the sound of every language. There are just too many. I'm sure people should be able to recognize the more commonly spoken languages, but its pretty unreasonable to expect people to know everything. (especially if some of these people don't even speak the language that well)

  • The urdu surprised me! I wasn’t expecting that! I speak a little urdu

  • Kto zgadnie w jakim języku napisałem ten komentarz?

  • Russian is easy to recognize.

  • - I’ll hit you with my leg

  • Says he speaks Urdu... And then proceeds to sing a Hindi song!!?? Duh! *facepalm*

  • Does no one will ever talk about the heart attack the tall guy had in 6:50?😄

  • “Im from kansas” 😂😂😂

  • the Urdu was so bad lollll

  • Get some Norwegians in there ! 🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • I love how that dude really confidently goes “oh yeah I’m fluent in Chinese” like what all 200+ dialects?

  • This purple sweater guy who spoke Russian... Why did you bring HIM? His accent sounded terrible and he left the wrong first impression about the language:c

  • Uhm... The Hebrew was a bit off... ("Ani ohevet Otcha". Not "Ani ohev at")

  • The woman in blue dress not look asian

  • Well, judging by her hands, at least we know witch Congo that girl was really from.

  • The black guy supposedly speaking Russian should stop embarrassing himself and throw his degree in the garbage. He told the girl: "Hello beautiful, you want to sleep me right now or not?"

  • We need GErman next time!!!

  • LMAO @ The pakistani guy getting offended when someone guessed he was speaking an Indian language....... Urdu was formalized in UP, in India lol

  • i would really like to learn from a real american the real american language

  • “Cyka is bitch” Lmao

  • the hebrew was very wrong im sorry,for man going to say something to his father in female pronounce

  • How do you guys manage to find such a diverse collection of beautiful millennials?

  • Geen een reactie voor die Nederlandse?

  • lmao the russian dude was having fun

  • get a welsh speaker on her Americans wouldn't have a clue what language it is

  • 3:47 not to be racist but WAKANDAAAA

  • cyka blyat

  • native american word for no "oki" sound very similar to the greek word for no "οχι" (ohi)

    • NAtIve AmeRicaNS aRe SpArtAns ConfIRmed

  • Lol i guessed the Mongolian one

  • That guy does NOT speak hindi.