UFC 236 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 6

Publicerades den 13 apr 2019
On Episode 6 of UFC 236 Embedded, middleweight title contender Kelvin Gastelum gets in a champion mindset with his friend, flyweight titleholder Henry Cejudo. Athletes make weight Friday morning, including Gastelum’s opponent Israel Adesanya and headliners Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier. Holloway refuels with family, then heads to ceremonial weigh-ins where opponents face off in front of fans. UFC 236 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the two title fights taking place Saturday, April 13th on Pay-Per-View, available on ESPN Plus.

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  • it was already obvious that max and dustin had different mindsets coming to this fight. Dustin was going to win regardless of the fact he may lose, and Max was it is what it is. And the more desperate man won. Good one Dustin!

  • "It's gonna be a good war, guys." Kelvin was right. These two beat the holy hell out of each other

  • Lmao that thumbnail

  • I predict Dustin by unanimous decision

  • Wonderful

  • Dustin put a beating on Holloway! He had no idea how easy it was going to be to nail Holloway! Holloway shocked the world with beating he took and didn’t go down! It was like watching rocky!

  • Max got robbed

    • Bruh tf where you watching?? The ufc3 game of it lmao

  • Congrats Dustin

  • Max streak ended

  • Dustin won by UD Great war Both of them Are great Love you Max Love you Diamond I hope Max got revenge on Connor I hope Dustin fight Tony next before going to Khabib

  • how is that 49-46

  • Well I guess that getting haircut on embedded curse is over

  • To fight khabib? would you want to win?

  • Israel won by UD

  • Izzy "Believe the Hype Train" Adesanya

  • When fallout 76 can sponsor video but they cant even fix the game...

  • FAKE fighting.

  • Sucks espn bought ufc no more free fights it was a long fun run... but its just business wish the best

  • Max Holloway at 2:14

  • Fuck max got me... open circle!🤣🤣🤣 love that guy he’s hilarious everyone’s all dead serious he’s sitting there playing around... #fellowadhd 🤣🤣

  • A shit, broken game presenting a shit, fake match

  • Wilson Reis looking like a mini Yoel Romero......

  • Henry "Hispanic Tom Cruise" Cejudo

  • C'mon don't repeat what he said Gastelum, it will make you look weak.

  • Adesanya either run through Gastelum or gets KO'd.

  • Poirier Has been Acting Funny as Hell and Nervous ad hell and had Max on the Brain. Remember some guys Will be quick to Find a Submission Move for a Guy they do not want to Run that full fight or Stay in there Risking the KO. Point is Poirier knows Max is the Real Deal n I think Hes worried Max has his Number. DP has not stopped talking Max Holloway.

  • Cejudo -> Charmander Gastelum -> Charmeleon

  • I've heard that Gastelum's mini me is an Olympic gold medalist

  • Any one else see max doing this 👌

  • gassytum is gonna get laid out. porier is gonna get worked and not in a good way

  • Israel es el mejor como Usain Bolt en velocidad!

  • Man i feel like Max should and will win but there's always that little bit of doubt lately with all the greats being dethroned. Great things never last long in the UFC it seems with all of its recent champions.

  • "He needs me to make a mistake, I just need him to show up". Crazy confidence from Max.

  • Haven’t been this excited for a long time

  • Help the Yazidis www.change.org/p/bundesrat-vote-for-human-rights-8584a04f-a1a2-4755-b056-eeac4b92f4d6

  • I hope Kevin wins. If he connects with that punch if his it will be over. He punches are very powerful. Max is always so confident. He gas improved so much. He's on a different level right now.

  • How to watch ufc 236 for free se-tv.com/tv/video-2cnHqXXZ0Vs.html

  • Damn, Max can always hype me up! War Blessed!

  • Thought that was klay Thompson

  • Anyone walking around with a comb in his hair is probably a colossal douche

  • 6:57 Kevin is me in a group project during a class presentation

  • Go blessed! Beat him up for youngsters that look up to you bro!

  • Henry: "I'm a gold medalist kelvin, wanna hear the story on how I did it" Kelvin: "I think you've told me multiple ti-" Henry: "it was 2008, Beijing Olympics, I was just 21"

  • Kelvin gonna win via gold medelist

  • Poirier wins via Unanimous decision Adesanya wins via TKO Edit: Didnt think It would go to decision between Gastelum and Adesanya but Adesanya still got that W. Where are you fucking Adesanya haters at now?

  • Nice to see 4 guys fight at the proper weight class instead of nearly killing themselves.

  • Max many people love you so you are blessed.... now show the world that you are the best........ bro

  • It is what it is.

  • Pulling for Dustin but I think max might get it. That lil MF been looking unstoppable, especially with that clinic on Ortega.

  • Why does mini Blessed dance so Femenine lmao

  • Max and Dustin will be a 1 round fight 100%

  • I fucking love holloway but i hate the fact That all these casuals That say " max is a beast, hes the Best" are going to abandon him when he looses tonight.

  • Max is going to smoke That Guy.

  • Max won me over when he started playing some Nipsey Hu$$le

  • not surprising a personality like Cejudo hangs around one like Gastelum.... hate to be that 3rd wheel.... just jerkin each other off. gross

  • MMA FANS! Join us tonight during our live post-fight podcast for some drinks and MMA talk.

  • please i need a good site to watch UFC 236 for free

  • please i need a good site to watch UFC 236 for free

  • please i need a good site to watch UFC 236 for free

  • Why do I hate Cejudo?

  • Max "Kamehameha" Holloway

  • Max is probably the only one to be friends with all the fighters

  • Say goodnight Kelvin Kelvin: Goodnight Kelvin

  • Henry and Kelvin have always been the same person to me

  • Not a good sign for poreir if his mindset is "shocking the world" when he won the first fight. He knows it's a different Max.. Also who asked? Why you talking on the scale bro? Hmm. $$getting paid tonight thx max

  • Kelvin "let me barrow your belt" Gastelum. Hahahaha lets get it Adesanya

  • Lol "Kelvin friend" He is a UFC fox latin america journalist

  • The only thing I hate about being a UFC fan, is the fans recycle jokes til they're just a fraction of what they were. Props to Max bumping Nipsey though #Ripnip

  • Lmao never thought Rose would lose her horrific PTSD

  • Mini Blessed swaggin on all these suckaz

  • All these "gastelum is gonna humble that boy " comments, yet Israel is favorite at every casino. Money talks fellas!

  • Really want Gastellum, and Holloway! My lips to Gods Ears! 🇮🇪

  • Atlanta hosted the Olympics....

  • When i saw Adesanya first time while he talk, i said "oh i think i like his mature attitude" but after that Tweet which about Silva, no. How can he really think that he killed Anderson? Unbelievable.

  • Henry Cejudo accomplishments: - *Olympic gold medalist* - *UFC champion* - *World's worst haircut*

  • Low key THUG

  • 2:14 lol

  • RDA making a little cameo at 5:30 oi oi

  • Even these embedded videos seem better under ESPN money

  • Gastelum vs Adesanya is a farce...style bender is too long and strong...no way Kelvin pulls that off!

  • Come on max 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  • Says I can’t order it on my phone or smart TV

  • How do you watch the fight tonight ! UFC plus won’t let me order it

  • Brooke his fuuukiing ass max. ....knock dis fuuukah out

  • I'm glad nipsey hussle banging at UFC.. Rest in peace.

  • Eryk Anders looks like Kevin Lee's older brother who bullies him at home

  • I hope Max Holloways son dies in a car accident tonight.

  • S/O Max for S/O Nipsey Hussle RIP 😪🙏🏽

  • RIP NIP.

  • Adesanya is-real,

  • Max👊

  • Anyone else want to smack that fucking comb off of Adesanyas head?

  • dustin looks nervous

  • there are no overhyped names, but i think it will be a real war between real skilled fighters!

  • Cop: you have the right to remain silent Cejudo: did you know I have a Olympic gold medal?

  • Dustin’s gonna knock Max out and shock the world!

  • Dustin sounds like a bitch saying he's going to knock that mother fucker out during weigh in

  • Last time did i checked halloways is the bizz

  • Kelvin is gonna get Koed by a kick!! Mark my words

  • max throwing nazi signs :))