These Servers are TOO EXPENSIVE

Publicerades den 4 mar 2019
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  • The Apple fusion drive bit is a gag I should've probably presented better as a joke, lol. Basically, a Fusion Drive was Apple's take on the technology and I just thought sliding that in there would be comical. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that. Sorry for the confusion. :P -Editor

    • ... And to take some of the sting out of it!! MYSPACE!

    • just use microsoft feedback app. it is in start menu of windows 10

    • Add some of those intel cards in the whonnock server


    • Please don't go full-blown American by over stating a joke.

  • would love to see a test with freenas/zfs with a lot of memory, call ixsystem mayby ?

  • 7:13 ..Oh hi Mark!

  • You need cache and shares the way UnRaid does them. Although the basic settings for mover are day/time based, I do believe there is the ability to write scripts for moving the content based on age, etc. I don't know if something like UnRaid actually fits your use case with this kind of well.. use, but I guess it'd be worth quick look to see if you can find out how to get mover to work the way you want.

  • lmao just buy a new one

  • Never has been an IT guy so emotional in the set up process :P

  • I.T. PORN right here

  • "How did nobody at notice this.. for years." Every professional software... ever

  • Poor, Linus. He is in that deep, deep, deep, grieving stage. I should give him a crying towel.😏😏😏

  • Where can I get one of those LMG jackets like you were wearing?

  • Is that jacket gonna go on the merch store? I want one

  • Why's Taran sitting out there?

  • "Only 24TB of space" 😐

  • Apple Fusion Drive. 🤣 Apple pretending that an SSHD is a special Apple creation.

  • Bad editing in this one

  • So the issue with the error, I got the same one today, is that it fails to calculate for overhead. I fixed the issue just by removing two 10ths of a gigabyte.

  • Typical Microsoft enterprise server software. Half of the "ease of use" features are always broken.

  • I'm confused: Linus didn't drop anything.

  • Try the same with PrimoCache then

  • more server videos like this please, much more interesting

  • you know its bad when even linus can't figure something

  • Meanwhile PewDiePie got a shitty camera settings and uploads only in 720p

  • ...

  • 7:03 c'mon Linus, you're gettin' carried away oot there!!

  • Microsoft has not included ALL relevant commands on the GUI specifically with basic do Waterfall GUI to be advanced and use powershell. Gui is for basic layman no frills or expanded features. Sorry you got to spend $$$ to fix. Cost of doing business.

  • What is the cheepest motherboard that uses ECC memory?

  • I vote for building an entirely new server without knowing that it would work. You know, sometimes it is all about the journey.

  • Pull out that wallet Linus......🤣🤣🤣

  • iFixit sponsorship right up against Apple, brilliant!


  • People using Windows server solutions are making my eyes bleed.

  • How do they capture audio in a server room? No visble lava on linus and shotgun would pick up too much fan noise?

  • I was going to say.... How could you think that this drive would speed up giant files? It can only cache as much as the SSD stores and transfer that at a high rate. He said it's a joke though. So I guess I'll take his word for it.

  • Linus, you'd try out Cisco's Hyperflex solution...

  • You're in a server room, but you still need a jacket? Dang, that's cold.

  • 7:19 I did not hit her, I did naaaat this is bullshit

  • Intel 1TB NVme for $100... that what you neeeeed.

  • Record in 4K problem solved kay good bye

  • A SINGLE VIDEO using 366GB? Wtf. HOW

  • Here's a solution for you: don't record in 8k video when 99% of your viewers are using 1080p or lower! No one can tell the difference between 1080p vs 4k in this use case, nevermind 4k vs 8k. No one would even notice if you switched to 1080p since they're too busy laughing at you stumbling through all your videos.

  • I guess linus spent a shit load of cash to buy his toys...

  • I am a professional storage engineer and I can give you some pointers if you'd like. But generally HSM isn't usually as instant as your explanation. HSM usually works on a heat system, and data is only elevated to higher tier after a data block is hit several times, and then "cools" and is demoted when it hasn't been hit for a while. Your test would not have triggered normal HSM tier elevation. That being said, I can't speak directly to your solution as I've never used it, but I would guess that it is not really different. Unfortunately for your needs you'd need SSD, or at least 10K SAS disks that can generate sufficient IO with low latency. Most HSM configs wouldn't do video editing much good so the speed has to be baked in.

    • I'd also be remiss if I didn't point out that consumer 10K SAS disks really aren't worth it anymore as they still under-perform compared to SSD and have essentially the same $/gb price point. For the most part, 40ms latency is the threshold you don't want to exceed, since most DB related tasked get really finicky with disk latency higher than that (and block level tech like FC and iSCSI start dropping connection)... here is a rule of thumb for the IOPS a disk type can manage before bad things start happening: SATA: 40 IOPS 10K SAS: 150 IOPS (can go a bit higher, but playing it safe) 15K SAS : 200 IOPS (these don't really exist anymore since the precision required in a 15K disk greatly reduced the maximum size potential... as well as made a lot of noise and heat and the power to maintain 15,000 RPMS is considerable) SSD: This varies a LOT, with consumer disks ranging up to 30K IOPS while the enterprise 16 TB (err.. 15.3 TB) SSDs from Samsung churn out 230k IOPS per disk combined read/write Assuming you want to stick with your existing hardware and minimize cost, I don't see how you can avoid buying more SSDs. Look on the bright side: SSDs make almost no noise, use a fraction of the power of spinning disks, produce less heat, are much faster.. all for a small up-cost when compared to SAS disks. Also, you could try to land one of those bitchin' Samsung disks as a demo... but they cost more than that Intel chip you dropped... so be careful! :)

  • 0:30 you could also use tape drives

  • $30 2tb seagate x 17 is $510

  • what ever happened to your $100,000 computer/server videos i really miss those

  • What about using RAM as cache ?

  • simple solution ... STOP DOING 4K VIDEO ... 1080p is fine

    • They have do that because of how youtube works

  • Just buy 100 TB of battery backed RAM.

  • it can be so hard to get usable info out of the editors sometimes like goddam people let me know if it's working so I can build you better editing computers!!!!

  • 07:14 ... oh hi mark

  • I think the Dell SC series are well suited for these kind of workload. I've worked with these in the past and its a fantastic product that combines speed and capacity. Maybe it's worth looking into.

  • Linus, any kind semi decent SAN could handle this, get a Netapp all-flash or something and be done with it :)

  • Linus, it's really time for you to invest in a SAN solution and buy a storage array. I'd recommend Nimble.

    • DIY NVMe build at $10k vs Nimble AF SATA SSD (nvdimm present) at $100k+....different budget worlds.

  • how about stop uploading in 4k and dont expect to throw 400gb video files around like theyre GIFs

    • +Juan Baca i mean , them handling 8k video is fine but they really shouldnt expect snappy performance :D

    • Agreed. He is making an unnecessary problem for himself by filming in 8k. But he mentions all the time that he is an enthusiast for new technology, so he basis his channel on trying to find unique solutions to these new technologies. This video alone probably paid for his new server upgrade lol.

  • Linus.. the secret is to not edit 8k footage. I've worked in features, commercials, VR, ride films, etc.. and never have worked at native resolution. It's simply not the ideal workflow, though it's admirable you're attempting it. An online/offline workflow is definitely going to be best.

  • Linus says setting it up on Linux is too hard, but then continues by using powershell. :P

  • Films on 8k red camera... .cant post in 16:9 to remove black bars on the most common display in use. What a bunch of clowns over at LTT

  • making videos on youtube - in 8k yeah

  • Get IBM V7000 hardware, offers easy tier. They have NVMe shelves now Can setup up to 4 controllers in a cluster Dedicated hardware for compression Supports replication Filers can work in active/failover

  • That moment you realise you've been in the server room too long @8:48

  • Why don't you use SAN? Something like Nimble or Netapp?

    • +IncandescentWithRage I guess I missed that part

    • You think that would be less than the 7k he was trying to save?

  • LOL, don't use max fixed size, reduce it a few Meg and it will go through.

  • Why record in 8k the upload that video to YT where everyone watches it in 1080p?

  • bruh the sysadmin in me died a bit when I saw him logging into the windows admin account

  • But did you really try FreeNAS of NAS4Free and ZFS with reasonably sized SSD cache disks? ZFS generally writes new files so that the data is sequential in disk so getting those files back is quite fast.

  • Are they seriously editing files stored on network drives, and not locally? Amateur Tech Tips.

  • Is ram

  • 2:50 back in the metal vagina that gave you birth its an onor serving us your knowledge

  • Maybe just edit and store at 4k? Most of the world's media consumption is at 1080p. You know 8k is overkill regardless.

  • I may be wrong, but I only heard LInus mention mirroring for fault tolerance and didn't hear striping for performance. I would have tried modifying my RAID level to offer mirroring AND striping.

  • Hmmmm... Setting LVMcache was not that complicated. RAID6 on 8x4TB + RAID1 on 2x1TB SATA M.2. All is LUKS-encrypted. Honestly - I clog on CPU, that cannot encrypt ssh fast enough, or on wifi.

  • Failure is always an option!

  • Which filesystem was used for this project? Might see better perf with ReFS.

  • I learn more from the comments than I do the video. Please make more videos.

  • I like the promise of 'let's try the microsoft solution so we don't have to deep dive'... and then he's hacking in the microsoft 'solution' :D

  • Why don't you run your current storage server on server 2016 and enable dedupe? Supports files upto 1TB... Should save some space!

  • Another thing you will find with storage spaces is clustered storage. You can setup both your SSD servers and your regular storage servers together. Your best bet would be to add an SSD tier to this test server. Windows server will only use NVME primarily as cache. Adding about 10 TB of SSD storage will let the NVME start offloading data to SSD and then only after the data "cools" start offloading it to spinning drives. What you are asking about at the end is automatic but will certainly require an SSD tier because 1 TB of NVME will most certainly get filled by 8k editing in a hurry. Also, use microsoft's NVME to SSD to HHD ratio drive. Once you get too many spinning drives vs capacity to your SSD and NVME it will also start to choke.

  • I was getting ready to ask why not windows server 2019 and you all did it!

  • Soo I assume just adding mechanical drives or SSHDs as separate partitions and keeping the NVMes as your main drives isn't an option?

  • I don't get it, why don't editors have fast shared storage, for example, 2 to 5TB very fast storage to the current projects, easy a cheaply made from SSD units and then they move the complete projects into the mirrored HDD long term storage.

  • Why 8k videos with only 4k displays as the limit for people to watch and the editors and probably lower I dont see why use the 100000 dollar red camera for no reason

  • Why oh why don't you guys have an offline online workflow? It will seriously drop your bandwidth for working edits. Is it just a time pressure thing? Would be interested to know why you dont work with proxy media then conform for your outputs.

  • how come the Jacket ain't in the Merch store ??

  • Those videos gonna be a painful watch when LTT goes broke..can't wait for the firesale though ;)

  • Server 2012R2 s2d in 2019? Isn't 2016/2019 cores works way better with persistence memory?

  • When did Taran get his private room?

  • Why not using the existing server as the "ssd tier" and the other server you have build for the harddrive tier. I dont think you need to work with 24tb at once or do you? XD

  • Do this .... or just film in 4K.

  • Why is Linus allowed in the same room with editors.. IE the people who work? Please make that stop. :( They need a Linus free enviroment. :(

  • dude, give them the best stuff you can. 8 people waiting costs more money than the server in the long run. working with 8k raw footage is a nightmare by itself, having them waiting more than they absolutely need to harms the quality of the work they do and their motivation. its so frustrating. imagine playing a game at 10 fps, thats what it feels like editing 8k raw footage even on the best pc there is.

  • You know you can maybe stop using 8k. It's a total waste.

    • He made a video on why he switched to get 8k, and it actually makes sense on account of his bread and butter comes from making videos. Just as his petabyte project seems absurdly overkill for the workaday computer user, it makes lots of sense for his media group. Heck, I'm not even a paid SE-tvr (yet, I have two videos) and just the footage I captured for my most recent video was over 4GB (raw, after cuts it was substantially smaller). I guess what I'm driving at is it makes sense for him and his team, and he has very specific reasons why he uses that option.

  • or you could stop using cameras that are way out ofy our production league

  • Nutanix is the technology to go.

  • You just know you want to go ahead and build an insane solution with several storinators, a ton of NVME's, some ludicrous networking and more shiny tech than you can shake a stick at... do it, just for us! :)

  • Where is your "Sound Proofing Foam" that you installed in your server room Linus?

  • All this for 8k video editing, uploading in 4k and most people can watch it in 1080p. Yeah makes sense.

    • Agreed. He is making an unnecessary problem for himself by filming in 8k. But he mentions all the time that he is an enthusiast for new technology, so he basis his channel on trying to find unique solutions to these new technologies. This video alone probably paid for his new server upgrade lol.

  • so it has a limited amount of writes like a SSD and at times its still as slow as a hard drive. Linus WTF?

  • Why not try using unraid? it is already set up to use your ssd as cash for your hard drive I realize you will have less overall storage due to the parity drives but would it not make up for that in being able to self back its data up?

  • The better question is why are you using 8k. 95% of people aren't even watching this in 4k

  • More cache less cash