The Try Guys 400 Dumpling Mukbang ft. Strictly Dumpling

Publicerades den 6 feb 2019
Will the guys be able to make it through 400 piping hot soup dumplings? Don't try this at home!
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Mike Chen
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  • Anybody else LOVE the burn of food in your mouth? If I eat anything that is meant to be eaten hot, it has to be boiling hot

  • Wow i like the new try guy

  • Mike ate the same amount but was so calm and quiet about it, he is a legend, love him👐

  • When Ned has too much food he just sounds drunk and I love it.

  • Chinano1

  • How is this a challenge? This is Tuesday

  • I'd be able to eat 100

  • Can we just talk about Eugene admitted to loving our boi Zach??? There is a God! :,)

  • Im craving dumplings 🥟 😫

  • I had dumplings from this restaurant a few weeks ago, they are AH-MAZ-ING. I could eat at least 80.

  • Please stop with this auto play I’ve watched it 10x already because of the dumb auto play... y’all paying SE-tv to do that

  • צםרק קשאןמע בישךךקמעקד

  • The end though, “how you eat so much dumpling you be so fat”

  • I've never had those are they good

  • Kinoshita Yuka : Weak.

  • the best episode ever 😍

  • I went and got dumplings after watching this

  • Ned is the real champ for eating 69 dumplings

  • Eugene is so fine i love him 😭

  • Its ok Mike the other 36 were for you

  • Intro ned: I want to pull my weight and eat 100 Outro ned:😵😵😵🤢🤢🤢😷😰

  • And then there’s me, someone who doesn’t eat pork, who’s never had any type of dumpling.

  • “ I do the Asian thing where i just eat it and my esophagus burns,” hahahahaha

  • Eugene has a big ass head

  • go mike lol

  • Anyone else really want dumplings now? Just me? Ok

  • You guys really have to do mukbang with Yuka Kinoshita. You all guys, will be beaten by her. Hahahaha

  • that is a waste of food

  • Keith is such a MOOD

  • ned will probably never ever eat dumplings again even if he said he loves it

  • Ok man I am going to make some of them

  • Ez

  • would love to see you all try the traditional "dim sum" version of a dumpling. those tend to be a lot heavier and a little bigger.

  • Fun fact- in India dumplings are known as Momos and there are a lot of variety of them in India and people love them.

  • Us Asians eat food piping hot. That's just the way to go :) your mouth skin just gets used to it


  • Wow the moment that I have realised that I can only eat max 10 dumplings

  • This is weak

  • aka TRILL guys😂. i just want 3 🥟 and i’m good!! 😆

  • Oh strictly dumpling is here

  • Should of let it cool off first so you can chug em down 1 by 1 fast

  • It is 2am and now I want dumplings Fck you

  • I ate 500 dumplings Before In Just A Few Minutes...With Black Bean Noodles And 2 Tacos and 20 pizzas I Swear To God I Ate It All And A Hole Huge Bottle Of Pineapple Fanta

  • I love them a lot, but is it just me or is there some kind of tension b/w Eugene and Keith? Idk, I always feel that.

  • this is an average saturday for me

  • I want dumplings...


  • No you guys are 374

  • Excuse me u guys didn’t think of inviting me over and u eat dumplings in front of me you are fucking dumplings oh honey I’m going to jump in the screen and steel them dumplings ✌️

  • i would happily do this

  • asians are taught to eat their whole plate of food till it’s clean or you get beat.

  • I feel so basic because Eugene is my favorite try guy

  • Zach is the true winner of this challenge

  • OMG "my heart is saying yes, but my body's saying no" I'M DYING 😂 NED IS ICONIC WITH THOSE QUOTES IN THIS VIDEO! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Grant?

  • My mom saw what I was watching and said she hoped they weren’t like me cause once she dragged me out to run errands with her and I started crying cause I was so hungry but then after she got me dumplings and I ate one dumpling and was full 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dumpling drunk.

  • this title made my stomach turn... I get sick after like 5 cant even imagine

  • No u guys ate 374 dumplings!

  • I love dumplings! But my dad could probably beat me. I’m half Asian but look nothing Asian. So I absolutely love dumplings!

  • this is the one competition i could actually win

  • 16:59 just keep watchin Keith

  • If the world consisted of men like you with an exception to mike Chen, the human race would’ve stopped existing thousands of years ago. Especially that little faggot on the end whining about his stomach.

  • I want dumplings 🥟 now

  • Actually all of you as an average wildcat at least 80

  • maybe if they had varied dumplings maybe they had finished it. =)

  • Based on my math it was 374 but yah hahahhaha. So basically Eugene is right

  • "I do that Asian thing where I keep eating and my esophagus burns"

  • uhhh not really. As a southern Chinese my family doesn't eat dumplings during winter solstice. It's more of a northerner thing.

  • I love Zach, despite him eating the least, he's just adorable and carried the team By the way, the Asian joke at the end by Eugene was great; "you are going to be so fat"

  • i could easily clear at least 100 if they were gyoza dumplings

  • i wonder how much they spend, the dumplings arent cheap or is sponsored? I wonder how the restaurant made so many dumplings in a short time.

  • Brb ordering dumplings 🥟

  • "I just burped and farted at the same time"

  • The size of Keith's mouth might put Steven Tyler to shame hahaha

  • They basically didn’t break any record did they?


  • I would love to do this

  • I love the try guys. I just cant stand Keith

  • 2:50 Bao means bread.

  • Why can’t he eat the dumplings?

  • omg strictly dumpling

  • I’m sad that I hate dumplings 😕

  • Pure gold 😂😂😂😂 they’re stupid 😂

  • The best collab of all time

  • Hot damn the last time I ate at ding tai fung I got full after 5 😂

  • i feel like mikey held back a little

  • I was watching it at night, so hungry!

  • I personally think the edits are way better than buzzfeed times and I am loving it!!! Work better guys

  • 8:15 me when trying to go to school

  • You two just had 69😂😂😂😂😂

  • There is nowhere to eat dumplings where I live and I’m sad and now I want Yang Sing

  • “ you’re going to so much fat” 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤟🤟🤟

  • Shouldve atleast mentioned Yuka Kinoshita, who started this 400 dumplings in the first place ://

  • I challenge the whole try guys squad to a ramen contest I pick the ramen place it’s in the bay are

  • *Mike-* so the dumpling story is that... *Keith-* oh these are too many dumplings. *Mike-* the dumpling sto.... *Keith-* too many dumplings. *Mike-* the dump.... *Keith-* TOO MANY DUMPLINGS. *Mike-* WILL YOU F**KING LISTEN?!

  • 11:20 when your assignment deadline gonna hit you in hrs

  • Zach is high AF

  • Zach is the purest little bean he's always so sweet and it's just so precious I think I teared up a bit

  • Eugene has a mouth of steel