The Spiders and the Bees

Publicerades den 8 mar 2019
Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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  • James.... This is your old Cub scout leaded... My seven year old son wants you to do a video about scorpions.

  • I'm allergic to bed stings

  • Hey James, this person looks like you

  • What's next? Shipping Charlottes web and Barry benson???

  • I remember my first wasp sting (that the only thing that bit/ stung me other than mosquitoes) so the story starts here (i’ll try not to make it to long) So I was 6-7 and I just started to discover SE-tv. I decided that it would be cool if I uploaded a video (on my mom’s account since I didn’t have one) and I uploaded another. After that my parents found out and I got so embarrassed that I hid behind the couch... BIG MISTAKE. We had recently gotten a lot of wasps in our house (I don’t know why they chose our house) and it was summer so there were lots of wasps everywhere. Not swarms but everyday I would see at least one wasp. Suddenly I feel a pain in my butt (kind of on my hip) and I start to scream. I try to pull it (I thought it was one of mom’s sewing needles) only to get stung on my pinkie finger (left hand) I get up and the wasp falls of my but a little after and I run and my parents check the area and see the mark. Dad says it looks like something bit me and look at the area I just came from. He found the crushed wasp and stomped on it. He recorded me saying that I am a true Texan now. After that I was paranoid and would have a fit when I saw a wasp. I eventually grew out of that fear. I am very suprised I can remember it like it was yesterday even though it happened a year or two ago. It was painful but I learned to be more aware of my surroundings... or I might sit on a wasp again. I’m glad I can look back at it and laugh. Welp... hope you enjoyed my story. Maybe I should submit it to storybooth.

  • Hey great job on winning Mr Beast airsoft challenge like this comment if you saw that

  • I'm friends with a spider who's living by my window,buddy eats any insect that wants to go to my room and i'm leaving him alone

  • 7:35

  • I live in Australia, but we actually know what to do when we see a spider. We play with it 👍

  • The old ones out can you do a Subway part 5

  • Not part of spider fans. DADDY LONG LEGS 4 LIFE

  • If your a blind spider i dont think it can graduate college because they cant do they're work

  • 0:13 would that Spiderman poster be considered beastiality? Or whatever it's called?

  • Wen I wus 7 I got stung like 27 no 32 yea 32 times

  • i was just looking through ur vids and i just relised that i watched all ur vids wow yay!!!!!!!!

  • Wow thx I live in Australia

  • See I lowkey scared of spiders but I will literally do anything to avoid being in the same room as a mosquito. like spiders are chill but mosquitoes can *b u r n* for all I care


  • Something else YT made a better song than you and that's what we call a mega oof

  • you should've said "A JAMES THEORY" i'm wholly disappointed

  • Try getting a bee stuck in your hair Three separate times

  • Its brown (r-e-cluce

  • 5:04 OMG XDDD

  • you have betrayed the jordinians

  • Make a video about the Mr beast paintball challenge

  • Hola como estan compas que cuentan

  • I hate bees to 😂

  • Even here is Australia spiders aren't that bad.

  • Bee like

  • Bees actually kill other pollinators that pollinate the other 70% of plants because bees have their own type of viruses that kill them

  • Actually, bees aren’t entirely needed, more, less dangerous animals pollenate plants


  • Actually the bees you are talking about (honey bees) aren't that important to pur ecosystem. In fact plants would most likely thrive rather then die off. Go check out the film theorists video on how the bee movies LIES. Matpat makes some really interesting and educated points about this topic.

  • 3:50 Self serve. Wait, it isn’t below the waist! HA!

  • "Like to have fun around here" - all other youtube animators *boi this idiot dressed up as a bee and *bee-ing* weird"


  • I run away from any insect that had the potential to land on me and stay there for a long time except for those small ants and stupid flies/mosquitoes (which I kill)

  • 7:56

  • I hate bees too but they NEVER sting me B) but they trying to sting me 1 like Never get stung by bee

  • 1:23 - 1:37 So even animals are an example of racism 😂🤣

  • Alright kids! We learned about the spiders and the bees. Now let's talk about the birds and bees :)

  • Bees aren't necessary for crop growth.

  • *_”Holy frick”_*

  • Thanks I live in Australia

  • Harry the moth pollinate to do you know

  • Wasps are useless all they do is steal honey from bees😡

  • I live in asutralia So I guess i'll DIE

  • Thats crazy james your almost at 11 million

  • I also got stung on my foot. Don't worry James, you're not alone. 😐

  • There's a English Idiom named "Birds and the Bees", meaning 'a child taught about sex'.

  • Talk about cockroaches Now those are disturbing

  • 3:31 I died

  • James can you be my math tutor plz

  • The sad thing is that bees are going extinct

  • Once I got stung in the face ( by my nose ) by a bee

  • one time a bee landed in my her -_- and I was just freaking out internally, while my friend was like calm down

  • #teamspider

  • have you heard about the funnel web............. yeah you should be scared look at it

  • My brother was the third person to have a view

  • Follow me on my SE-tv channel 😆

  • My school has black widows, like I saw 6th graders trapping the black widow in a plastic cup. And then I went there, a lot of people went there also the 6th graders removed the cup and then the black widow was free. And I have arachnophobia so I was freaking out lol

  • 6:38 is how i got stung

  • Megalodon is the biggest one ever

  • I've never been stung by a bee before, though I still don't like them. I learned before that certain bees harm the ecosystem, but that was just from what I heard. Honey bees might drive out other kinds of pollinators since honey bees are not only an evasive species, but are known to be aggressive with territory. So I don't think rural life would end with out some kinds of bees since they weren't originally even here and might be causing more trouble against other pollinators.

  • Have you heard about “The Ship” . •_• Watch this vid pls ;-;

  • I had a wasp land on the front of my shirt once when I was in third grade, and I flipped out. I was frozen and my friend had to get a teacher to get it off my shirt. Btw, the teacher used her hat and scooped/threw the thing to an alternate universe. Looking back on it, I see how that was stupid- It was not such a big deal. IT WAS A REALLY BIG DEAL BECAUSE I STILL REMEMBER IT TO THIS DAY. I SHOULD HAVE CALLED 911 dont take this comment seriously, i was just joking, plz dont hate on me

  • Its olmost my bday

  • People are interesting...

  • do I have bed humans????

  • at 7:33 its just true art.

  • i hate wasp so much

  • jaiden animations got kissed i just saw her a ong time ago

  • Hey James, somebody STOLE YOUR COMICS!!! Their YT channel is named “World Productions” so uhhh...

  • thx for putting astraila in this vid i live there

  • omg I live in astaila yay

  • good vid

  • The reason i don't like spiders is because of the way they LOOK

  • "22M Views" *what*

  • Hi uhh I got your book at target

  • #Centipidesquad


  • You are coooooooooooooooooooooool🤩😎😎😎😎😎🤩😎😎😎😎😎🤩😎😎😎😎😎🤩😎😎😎😎😎🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎🤩😎

  • When you realize James has passed CaptainSparkelz in subscribers. O_O grats

  • Hi

  • James, I just bought your book the other day. (awesome book btw) I'm on chapter 11 and every time I read a chapter I say, "Oh, I saw that video" XD Love your videos James!!

  • Spider? I'm okay with them. Kinda cute! I hate wasps hornet and yellow jackets!!

  • Mommy what do spiders hate us me cuz you have like 28 million eyes and you bite people

  • Ive gotten stung 5 times :D, target was selling 1$ save the bee planter kits, just planted some poppies for them

  • Never in my life have I been stung by a bee or had a nose bleed because I don’t kill bees unless they fucking touch me than oh boy you better go

  • 8:41 ok but... YES

  • Eres el mejor canal de SE-tv

  • Selling some of the BEST AND FINEST parts😉😉👌👌 7:29 7:29 7:29 7:29 7:29 7:29

  • hi TheOdd1sOut i want to tell you that if i can dub one of your stories please and i speak spanish my channel is called Ekare

  • Umm Nature was thriving before bees came into the America

  • One time last year 3 bees landed on my face and liked my lips because I had eaten cotton candy and there was surgar stuck to my lips

  • In any situation you ate no more than five feet from a spider ..... *looks to side*

  • Except... honey bees are actually bad for the environment because they kill off natural pollinators. And the honey bee also kills of other more important types of bees. But oh well

  • 1:51 soo............... they also kill rats?

  • Bees go in my hair. And everyone freaks out, I don’t I just sit there

  • 7:54