Publicerades den 4 feb 2019
Here is the boat we were on:
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  • Are you french?

  • 太帅了!!!👍👍

  • he was being so dramatic, thats not even bad.... try burning the skin off your hands, thats a pain you will nverr know

  • jannis ass hungry for bikini

  • Indonesia Komodo park,, aboard the barefoot yacht’s ,, what an Awesome place !!!

  • That's my flag in indonesia. and you speak in language indonesia "selamat makan" 😂😂

  • 4:39 is beauty

  • Lime? oh come on...just board a decent first aid with antibiotic creams, upsites and similar practical, usefull an safe. You can afford it so quit teaching people this silliness

  • I really love your content and i want to do the same as you doo!!! I am working on my channel but i dont know if its good enough but i try my best! Check it out so i can get provide my content more! :D

  • i know where u are.. its my place..

  • That was niceeeeee


  • its INDONESIA yeahh...

  • Anyone know what their setup is ?

  • If I die, I want it to look like this

  • Everybody needs to understand that Jon can't go to sky every single day of his life and also he can't go racing around cars and doing crazy stuff. Everybody has their life so we also need to chill once in a while and explore the world and our minds. Give him a break, y'all only think about yourselves and not appreciate what these guys are giving to you in matters on content and visuals.

  • Love when Benji always says ”woow woow wooow” 😂

  • 14:11 the guy in the middle has a stify

  • Lobsters are not vegan. They are are animals that don't want to be abused or killed. They don't want their lives snuffed-out just so some spoilt Western brats can have 5-minutes of eating pleasure.

  • can anyone tell me the song at 8:20

  • thx for loving my country. proud being Indonesian

  • Skiing?

  • alltid så otroligt bra vlogg :D

  • So money cant buy happiness?? PSHH

  • You should go to the four seasons private island in the Maldives

  • 'Wowow wow wow' nuf said

  • Please film with a stabilizer. It’s horrible like that

  • What country?

  • god vlog

  • but most importantly, subbar mannen på pewds?

  • life is great for some people

  • What's the song? 11:31

  • G.

  • 5:38 You guys seem to be at Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua! The so called mystery island huh? :P

  • Awesome vlog!!!!! Love from Indonesia 🌞🌴🏄🏼‍♂️ keep exploringgg!

  • So nice video and the beautiful Island Pulau Tabailenge you went to 9:47

  • Does Anyone what camera is used in this vlog?

  • Sir would you like to trade your life with mine? I have stable salary and living in big city ;)

  • What is the song called at 8:14? By the way - that was one sick vlog of yours!

  • 13:43 perfect setting for shrooms :-)

  • What is song/music on 11:24

  • Nice. Goto raja empat. Or maluku. Im from indonesia to. Like it

  • epic life

  • "not a signle tourist anywhere", he's basically with 10 of them.

  • PLS subscribe to my channel i need to get subs couse i want to be just a littlebit popular pls. I like your videoes!!!

  • This is way too long, Benny you should really tighten these up.

    • I watched it on 2x speed and it was *still* too long.

  • Mmhh jup channel is getting boring ,iT,s not the same anymore 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • My country, you can get what you never got,explore a thousand island

  • you guys are fucking gay

  • Another boring day without T-Shirt

  • What is the 'I'm in the wind' song please!! Can't find it anywhere

  • Wher are you from

  • 14:00 that is one hell of a place to have an orgie!

  • 14:00 Benni is Third-Wheeling x4 like crazy on this trip :D

  • Your video too good.

  • This would be the perfect day of my life 😊☀🌊☀

  • Indonesia my country😀

  • I am jealous af

  • what's the name of the song 8:10


  • Hi Jon u are crazy xD

  • So Perfect Video

  • Why have you Taken janis surname? That's bizarre

  • B.

  • 10:32 wrong focus Benni!

  • Life is great love it

  • Yet another awesome vlog undoubtedly!♥️

  • Great Viedeo but whats about skiing

  • davy jonhs ship hehe

  • love the new editing!

  • That bird!!

  • *Trump finally got his stupid wall.*

  • Sail a boat* :D

  • I really enjoyed the 2nd half of this vlog, because it showed a story: from you getting to the tiny island, exploring it in many different ways and then having the bonfire and dinner at the beach. Please continue doing this type of story telling. It feels more like the older vlog.

  • Janni har feeet nice pattar

  • I so know where this place is. travelled indo 5 months 2018. i considered so much going there but its just not that good for turism yet so i decided not too :((((((

  • the editing has me so shook. I hope to edit this good one day

  • so no plane?

  • What's the green lighting thing at 14:02 that returns?

  • What a video 🙌🏼 thank you

  • Wonderfull Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Benny:“wow, wow, wow!“ 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • love it❤️

  • 4:23 Ahhhhhhhh! They sail under Monaco-flag - I knew it, the "secret place" must be by the coastline of Monaco...

  • Dont think there are Lobsters in Indonesia...but its Langouste?....yeah im a science nerd :P Great vid never the less :D

  • Perfect video

  • Vicenarian Richard travels to Thailand and finds himself in possession of a strange map. Rumours state that it leads to a solitary beach paradise, a tropical bliss. Excited and intrigued, he sets out to find it...

  • wauw wauw wauw

  • Raja Ampat, Moluccas

  • I see no hookers so what the hell would I do there in "paradise".. might aswell jerk off at home.

  • 11:26 Come lay down beside me.....

  • you guys are in Indonesia

  • Too bad we start to watch all good daily vlogs and as soon as they have a great amount of subscribers they just stop posting regularly.

  • Day after Just had to Recap/watch again** You Lucky lucky people Musik sa Bra ocksa"" Fint vlog Guys tc x

  • Skiing trips planned?

  • Gilla denna kommentar om du är svensk och kollar på Jon Olsson!!!

  • What does this guy do for a Living to afford all this?

    • Was a professional skiier, sponsored by red bull etc, owns several companies, runs this youtube channel etc

  • Benny’s videography skills are amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  • Great vlog!