The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won't Use

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  • I am just wondering why i bothered watching this video...

  • what about when the airline lets passengers board from both the front and back entrances simultaneously?

  • Just don't go in when they call your zone and come at the very end like you didn't know boarding's not like the person at the gate even looks at it. You go into the plane and eliminate 20 minutes of waiting IN THE PLANE if you were for example business class. I normally choose the highest zone and come in 15 minutes before my flight, that way i'm right on time for take off lol

  • Bravo! :))

  • Southwest pretty much does your random option...

  • 3:05 Casey Neistat anybody?!

  • From this, biggest problem is with people trying to store their onboard luggage . Remove onboard luggage (or limit to what can be left under the seat), only bottlenecks left are with seat shuffling, which was minimal.

  • wait, wasn't this video 5k? The maximum is now 4k.

  • Beautiful! :)

  • It's basic physics. If the back were loaded first the plane's nose would tip up as there are no rear wheels.

  • What is the software used for those animations?

  • I now want to fly with bonnie bee airlines

  • 3:06 Casey Neistat

  • I’ve honestly never seen an airline use window middle isle I do know that Southwest and Frontier let you choose seats

  • Also it’s a pain to even get into line to get on the plane bc people all huddle and stand in the way when it is not their turn / group to go.

  • I like the nod to Casey Neistat at 3:04 lol

  • you could probably make your idea slightly faster by putting 1 and 2 together in a pattern 121212 same with 3 and 4 but make it so 1 is a seat higher then 2 same with 3 with 4 this way 1 and 2 people can get on at the same time

  • My mom had visitation rights when my dad divorced her. Then my dad and me moved all the way to the other side of the country. I had to take 2 plane trips to get to my mom, and 2 plane trips back. This happened once or twice a year for 10 years. I had to do this shit over 40 times. When I was a small child. Kill me now, these memories are to much to bear.

  • I don't like CGP grey anymore, too cynical.

  • In Germany every piece of luggage is either put under your seats or in the plane.

  • Hmm everytime ive boarded a plane it was random where families and such group up

  • What about families with three or more children and just one or two parents? They’d still be separated in Steffen Modified.

  • How about you design the fucking plane with more than one fucking door, so you're not funneling all the cattle through one chokepoint?

  • I board dead last every single time. Watching people spend forever fumbling with their belongings does something bad to my sanity.

  • Like for Casey!

  • What if you put the plane seat number on the seats outside the plane so the seats closest to the gate are the people at the baack so the first in line was window a the middle would be middle 1 and the isle would be isle 1 so on up the plane 2 3 4

  • As a pilot it's kinda nerve racking because we wana get I. the air and get paid but people give us problems I fly Long Hual so it's the most stressful thing because alot of people alot of time and they wont work together to accomplish the same goal of getting from A-B

  • All the planes I fly do front to back. Southwest has no seating assignments, but boarding groups mean everyone goes front to back. Because everyone wants to sit up front.

  • We go: Premium - Random at most places I've been in Sweden. So first all premium board, after that is anyone else.

  • But surely airlines want their planes grounded for the least amount of time possible so why wouldn't they want a faster boarding time ?

  • Golly, your pessimistic view of humanity would make great supervillain material!


  • having separate boarding groups is not going to be as efficient if people don't stand in descending order of their seats.. so the last theory isn't going to get us anywhere but possibly make it more chaotic.

  • Flying is EFFin annoying.

  • Boatding with ryan airlines is fast cause there is no order

  • The problem could be easily solved by designing the interiors of planes differently. The hold up is due to people faffing around with their carry on baggage and this has got worse since carry on limits have increased and people are trying to avoid the fees for checked baggage. So, first, limit, carry on to one bag measuring no larger than 18' x 12' x 6". Then redesign the seating so that the storage space for that bag is accessible WHILE SEATED, either under the seat, or by something which drops down from above, or is built into the rear of the seat in front. You could even design seats which rise up to individual storage compartments when you push a button. That way, everyone simply strolls on the plane (randomly) and sits down. Then they can faff around with their ipads, headphones, books etc while they are in their seats. Job done. it also means that you can sit in a window seat and get to all your things without your neighbours having to go into the aisle to let you past.

  • Nobody gonna talk about Casey Neistat at 3:05 ??

  • The only problem is if you want to have people in a particular order, you will need to do a lot of moving around inside the terminal

  • i dont have to stow because i put my bag in my parents bag

  • I was just on Delta, they board front-to-back and it takes so long...

  • Some of us are allowed 3 bags. Purse, carry on and medical device. So don’t give people with 3 bags dirty looks. You may be glaring at someone who is carrying a life and death device as their 3rd bag. (Mine isn’t. It’s just a CPAP. Though CPAP’s can be life or death for some people, I’m not one of those. But I still need to bring it.)

  • dude Bright Side copied your video

  • So do you moonlight as rapper on the underground circuits? 😂

  • Wait, that's the fastest? It's seem like there are a few things that would fill up a little faster.

  • Muh luggug

  • Have you ever been on a train? The amount of doors and boarding space will blow your mind :)

  • Grey... you know most commercial aeroplanes have front and back doors? How did you not mention this?

  • It will get a lot faster once they invent cabrio planes. Everybody will just jump in from ramps on both sides straight into their seat 🙃

  • What amazes me....not really all that long ago, a trip across the country would take weeks, maybe even months. Some people would die...some would be born...could be a whole different group of people, by the time they got to their destination. Now, people throw a fit about having to stand an extra few minutes while boarding a plane...that will get them across the country, or to a completely different country on the other side of the earth, in a matter of hours. Food and drinks, placed basically in your lap. "Ehhh, oooo, nnnehhh, took 15 minutes to get on the plane, then it was another 20 minutes before we even took off....aaaagh...I couldn't stretch my legs out....pffff...I couldn't even get on the internet" Spoiled bunch of bitches, we have become.

  • why not send them to the back and window first _______________ _______________ _______________ 5/6 3/4 1/2 _______________ _______________ _______________ having 2 people go to the back of the plane and board the window line so you have a full line to the back of the plane that could take a seat parralel.

  • One thing I just don't understand is why people want to get on the plane early? The terminal is ALWAYS more comfortable than the plane. I want to be the very last person boarding...

  • mythbusters did this...

  • Argh, don't even get me started on the idiots that, whilst standing in the aisle has to start fiddling with taking of jackets and finding electronics or books in their hand luggage before they stove it. No no no, you buffoons: You have up to 30 minutes before the gate even opens: Prepare yourself with everything you need, or don't need, in flight before you start boarding. And for gods sake, if you have the aisle or middle seat, and arrive first, don't fasten your seat belt and bury yourself in your newspaper and then look all surprised that you'll have to get up for someone who who needs the seat beside you.

  • Ryan Air : *Takes notes*

  • good vid but the fact that you push you political agenda i gotta dislike

  • Pretty sure most air transporters go front to back even after 1st class... I mean I've tried American Airlines, Canada Airlines, Luftansa, United Airlines and Brussels Airlines in the past 3 years and it was like that.

  • I saw a monkey in the thumbnail *_click_*

  • I have never known an airline to board back to front. Either random boarding (when boarding from the tarmac) or front to back (even when there's just first class and main cabin, it's still front to back really). Also the difficulty with your perfect solution doesn't really lie with following instructions, more with sorting the line, of which the ownership is not on the passengers, before boarding.

  • someone send this to air companies PLS

  • Boarding.. Reason # 1,549,214 why I *never* fly.

  • I just wait til everyone boards even if my boarding group was called, I’d rather sit and wait then wait in a line I personally don’t care to get on the plane first. I also wait til the majority of people leave before I get up and deplane

  • I was going to wait at the end for all the people to leave the plane but he just stops before they all get out! Look your self! This is a out rage!

  • delta does this boarding method tho, the calling classes

  • Anyone who actually flies, just drinks at the bar. We even recognise each other and talk. Who the fuck wants to spend 20 minutes on the plane waiting for someone else to board?

  • how else could we feasibly deplane a full flight faster? am I dumb im confused about that

  • This assumes everyone is at the gate ready to board at the same time.

  • Easier solution - flip the "economic incentive" and charge for carry-on bags bigger than a personal item and allow free checked bags to go in the belly of the plane. Yes, people will have to wait at baggage claim for their bag, but they will board and get off the flight much faster. Those that do not want to wait will still pay a fee to carry-on their bags.

  • Window, middle, isle is ok but it’s not great for families w children as they would be separated

  • People are too fucking stupid

  • Ah just let people pour in randomly the people who really likes to have a flight always waits at the gate door even there is 30 minutes to plane to arrive

  • What about this? 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 50 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 60 59 58 57 56 55 54 53 52 51 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11

  • Where i am, there *IS* no boarding groups

  • We just go in and gp top out assigned seat

  • Boarding group 123

  • same than "simpas" french channel.........copy-paste

  • You do know everyone’s not going on the plane if ticket order? The hell?

  • Looks like window-middle-aisle boarding in a Steffen manner (imperfect or not) will be a good idea.

  • 3:06 lol

  • None of this accounts for the douche-canoes who are assigned to 36C putting their luggage in 12D's overhead space!!

  • Why don't airlines paint numbers on the ground. You go to your number then get on. Worked in elementary school.

    • Because planes come in different shapes and sizes and gates are subject to change.

  • Window-midle-aisle would be bad for families, wouldn't they?

  • 0:14 lol maybe *you* have a monkey brain

  • Solution: assign a precalculated boarding order index next to seat number. So people know exactly how to line up despite the complex ordering of seat numbers. US Southwest already has numbered queue signs outside boarding gate, so it's not that hard to get people to line up in by a numerical sequence.

  • This guy is funny

  • for southwest flights, we do have boarding groups, but just for who gets ON the plane first, we have no assigned seats

  • What software did he use?

  • Is this just an American problem? Wherever I've been (E.U.) they just open the gate

    • Nope, they all do it. I can show you many E.U. airline boarding passes with boarding groups.

  • Ask Ryanair first come first serve also what about the back door??

    • Back door is exit only!!! Unless you belong to a certain "community"!

  • Why does Steffen Perfect fill only half the rows at a time? Why not fill the entire line front to back with one person for each row, and have maximum parallel stowage, causing only 6 stowage times in total in stead of Steffen's 12? And to make it simple for people to follow the instructions, lay out a line of gates with seat number displays, so people enter the plane in the correct order, single file.

  • I might be wrong but I think UK airports are random.

  • The airline that I fly with (in the UK) just uses random and has doors on the back and front

  • (4:54) A smidge 'faster' he says, while the graph shows a smidge _slower._

  • Every time I have ever flown, its just whoever shows up first, gets on first. First class, economy, whatever, line up, they glance at your boarding pass and passport (because it's not like you haven't been through enough security at this point anyway) and pile on.

  • In NZ sometimes we board from both the front and back...Its not chaos in NZ tho..i think thats an American thing.

  • wtf was this? a high school poetry project?

  • Um most planes have also an entrance at the back

  • Nobody talking about 1:43

  • Here in 'Straya we use that random method. Still a bit bad tho.

  • Window middle Isle boarding might be an issue for a family because they would need to go separately. And children might not be able to go.

  • So class systems are the problem? Socialist airplanes run by the peoples government for the people