The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won't Use

Publicerades den 4 feb 2019
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All boarding methods in full:
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  • This was more interesting than I thought it would be. That's why I put off clicking on it to watch it till now. It was also surprising how effective the random method really is. But is it *truly* random? I suspect there's a certain amount of spontaneous order going on, as people subconsciously decide how quickly they need to board for themselves.

  • humans is the problem of human problems.

  • CGPb Grey is a stupid channel if it thinks this is a big problem

  • Get rich, fly private. Drive up to the plane and go.

  • It's like the ending left lane, the other lanes have to stop to let the abusers of the left lane in causing a back up. It would go so much smoother if the left lane was never there or at least had annoying rumble strips for 3 miles, big pot holes for a half mile, and sand and gravel for a quarter mile ending with a car crusher that pops out every time a car in the ending left lane stops for more than 3 seconds. Oops I went off on an unrelated parallel.

  • subscribed for the double high five joke

  • Two points: You have to be a complete mug to pay extra to board early and sit on a plane longer than you have to. I just sit at the gate until I’m absolutely the last person left and then walk straight on, no barging or queuing. One extra thing. Why do morons feel the need to stand up ASAP when the plane touches down to uncomfortably stand squashed in the aisle waiting for the doors to open. What’s the rush? We’ve all just got to stand and wait for baggage in the terminal, I don’t get this. One other thing, why do people feel the need to get all there stuff out when they get to their seat? Why not just wait until the planes at altitude and save everybody the lengthy boarding process?

  • I am not an organism evolved from primates. Please refrain from including 'we' in this. Good way to describe the nature of our society and companies though.

  • 6:35... poor angles... ANGEL ABUSE :(

  • $ is always the answer

  • It doesn't matter. I don't think the plane would take off any faster anyway. The plane pilot isn't sitting waiting for the passengers to board. They need that time anyway so it doesn't matter how fast or slow anyone boards. It makes no difference to the pilots and that's all that matters, not impatient passengers.

  • 2 doors duh

  • Far too many people can't understand concepts and then far too many people don't care to make something work efficiently. All this is an effort in futility.

  • Just make the aisle wider

  • Thanks, boarding processes already tried my patience. Now that you have educated me so well on optimal boarding systems it’s simply bordering on too much. Ignorance is bliss

  • Literally no plane i've been on in recent memory has had boarding groups. Everyone has jus entered randomly. Might have something to do with being European.

  • didnt vox already made this? especially the first 3 ways to board it

  • I'm not a monkey. I am a human. God made me. And you can stuff me up your cilinder, but one day I'll be stuffing all monkeys hatched from serpent eggs down the River of Flame. God bless! ^_^

  • *There's 2 major problems with this theory.* One is the process it takes to get everyone their tickets and when they get on. You get boarding pass changes a lot, if not at least a few times on every flight. And people who have assigned seats, and paid a little premium, pick their seats. So someone wants a window seat, the next person wants an isle seat, then a family of 3 want to sit next to each other. Later on, the family of 3 becomes 2, leaving an odd seat open. The person who originally wanted the window seat changed their minds and want an isle seat somewhere else. Then you have the ultra-cheap who don't care, they'll sit anywhere, and the last-minute passengers who paid extra this and extra that, and would demand to have a higher boarding group. Not to mention sometimes a little greed: this is how you end up with so many flights booking more passengers than there are physical seats. And don't forget, your first priority people in coach are the family and handicap groups, which means *the least mobile and capable passengers are first to board.* Then you have your late-comers which will mess up a lot of your boarding methods because not everyone will board when they're assigned to board. Then the premium coach people who picked their specific seats go in, and they're going to be dotted around the airplane. These people have undoubtedly placed their overhead luggage just above their heads as close to them as possible. - That leads to the *second major problem with this theory.* The most time-consuming part of boarding the plane isn't seat arrangement; its the overhead bin compartments, and your animation doesn't show it. *Each overhead bin compartment of 3 seats can only hold 1.5 pieces of luggage.* So after your family, handicapped, and first premium boarders have gotten onto the plane, a majority of the space is already taken up nearest the seats. When you are allowed "two carry-ons", one which is supposed to be under the seat and one overhead, but you get people who bring two who want to stash overhead. 1.5 suitcases per person means playing Tetris with the luggage. Think about it. You get to your seat near the middle of the plane. There's no room for your luggage. So you must now find a spot that is as close to you as possible. And sometimes that means having to backwards against the crowd of people behind you, creating not only a traffic jam, but you have to wait for other traffic jams to clear before you can create a bigger one. Meanwhile, there's wasted space in front of you where people have been clear. This works its way up to the front of the plane, and dotted locations all around. People scramble to bring as many carry-ons as possible because airliners charge you heap extra for check-in luggage. (Unless you're Southwest). Why am I always so fast to sit down? Because I carry my laptop bag with me, which goes under the seat in front of me; everything else is checked in.

    • That in mind, *what if we boarded back and front, and then back middle and front middle?* I'm really tired so maybe this sounds better in my head than reality... The first group moves to the very back of the plane, and almost immediately after the second group boards to fill the very first section of the plane. While people in the back are sorting themselves out, they're not slowing the second group. This also pushes the luggage from the front and back of the plane and leaves emptiness in the middle. As a luggage compartment fills, close it. Latecomers to Group 1 and 2 would then be given a brief chance to line up front of Group 3. They will enter. When they go in, guess what? All the available luggage bins are still open; the filled ones are closed. They know instantly where they can put their bags; people who are in the front wouldn't hold it up as much because they have to put their luggage further in the back. Finally Group 4 shows up in the front middle. When the plane arrives at the next destination, those in the back of the first boarding group, the handicapped needing room and wheelchairs or parents with chaotic kids are _dingdingding_ in the back. So the plane will exit faster as well. Not to mention, unless you are of the few who boarded late, you are more likely to have your distant luggage in front of you as you exit the plane instead of behind you, so you don't hold up the line trying to get it or sit waiting to oppose traffic to reach it.

  • Some airlines have rules that prohibit children from sitting in rows with emergency exits (over the wings, front row,back row etc). How does the Steffen modified take them into account?

  • I'll just fly instead 😉

  • Such clean animation

  • it's simple, use the two door method. one from the back and one from the front. of course, your stupid animated ball people just don't seem to have any patience, either.

  • I was on a plane last week it boarded ramdomly...

  • For the Steffen Perfect, what if they all line up so there are 16 parallels? (I'm bad at explaining).

  • you beautiful genius. you spent an inhumane amoung of time making this video what is wrong with you, this world does not deserve you

  • Also, perhaps with the Steffen Perfect method, passengers would be instructed to sit and be called by name rather than by "group" number.

  • Loving the anti-human theme. Keep it up.

  • Australia uses the random method

  • Alright wendover productions. Calm down

  • beautiful video bravo!

  • omg you're alive

  • Awesome soundtrack, by the way.

  • Didnt know planes were gay.

  • I would be just fine if carry on meant ONLY one bag which would have to fit in your seat or under the seat in front of you

  • Watching this on a plane while it’s boarding lol

  • Issue with window middle isle: little kids. Kids might get separated from families in that process.

    • The Can’t Sleep Caravan I believe that guests in a passengers party would board with the earliest of the boarding zones the group is in.

  • 2:03 grey cleans his hands after high fiving...that is so grey

  • The window middle isle method doesn't seem logical at all when you think about it. Imagine being a child traveling with your parents but having to wait and board the plane separately.

    • Grubbs Grady I think they would board together when the earliest of the groups is called.

  • Not treu

  • Boarding Groups? what is that? an extinct animal or a a lost planet? never heard of it.

  • Ставь лайк, если РУССКИЙ! Покажем сколько нас!!!

  • The best method I've seen: Board the plane through TWO doors, front and back! Ryanair did this.

  • I never understood the 1st class getting on first. You're sitting down waiting regardless, not getting there any faster.

  • nice idea slow video

  • boarding first is stupid. you wont get to your destination faster than the low-class people. i always take a confortable seat in the gate area, start reading a book and wait until everyone has boarded, then i board the plane myself with no waiting lines. First ones to board dont get to pick the seats, so nobody is taking yours. You think that if I am the last one to board so my luggage cant be taken to the cabin? Not really, i dont remember what I usually do, but I can always take it with me because i do some trick.

  • You don't cover EasyJet, who boards people in from both the front and rear doors.

  • Big problem with window-middle-aisle is families. You don't want a toddler to be boarding a flight separately from his parents, but if they're all sitting together(which obviously they would be, or the toddler would be terrified all flight) then they'd have to get on in 3 different groups. So the toddler would have to get on alone.

  • It always baffles me how incredibly and moronically slow people can be. You just get your fucking laptop out before you get on, toss your bag up in a single second, and sit the FUCK down.

  • *fastest way to board an airplane* Makarov : And remeber, no Russian

  • Board like Transavia, basically by class and order of arrival. The first class first, Then the rest like cattle, it works perfectly

  • I've been on over a hundred flights, they have all been front to back. I think that each ticket should have a color code. Then the fastest way can be implemented.

  • just kill all the people. no people = no traffic = no delays. modern solutions.

    • -=Deleted.Gamer=- But who would be there to enjoy the world if no one were a part of it?

  • Ooor, the passage way could be wide enough for 2 people...

  • I really really really don't understand why so many people want to be the first to board. I used to fly a lot and I would simply sit by the gate, reading or working on my computer until everyone had at least entered the gate, wait another minute and only then would I go in. I find that, even when you're first to board and you've got a window seat, the shuffling, the stowing, the moaning of people shuffling and stowing, bleh, sitting by the gate is way more relaxing. Being one of the last to board means you don't have to go through all that, you wait till most people are seated, get in, take a relatively low amount of time to get to your seat and the plane leaves rather quickly after you take your seat. Bliss...

  • i mean. you could just buy a two seater for the price of two new compact sedans. about 40k

  • Where I live random is the way boarding happens. The gate opens, people board, the end. It's not that bad, unless you have foreign people who like to bring eight bags, forty children, two goats, and start to unpack a picnic before sitting. Which where I live is one per flight, minimum. The best method of handling that is to throw their picnic materials at the wall, give them a death stare, and tell them their four wives are next.

  • Stop rhyming God damnit

  • 3:06 nice reference to that Casey video about a luxury plane seat review

  • beats walking

  • 0:29 "This is an intuitive solution to fill a cylinder" I was dying 😂

  • Yes, window, middle and aisle is perfect. But passengers with kids on board won't find that experience good. Best way is, Parents with kids onboard, Window / Aisle.

  • 0:09 oh ya you can, Wizz Airlines does this. Perhaps it's an eastern European thing. Everyone gets their ticket scanned, and waits in a very crowded room until they open the doors to the tarmac. Then everyone stampedes towards the airplane to get their seats

  • I found an error: If the video is paused right around 6:39, you will see that for a slight moment the number 123 changes to 3 then back too 123.

  • Why isnt there a tennent at the back of the plane tossing bags up top for people and directing them to a seat, super fast???

  • Southwest has open seating and complimentary drinks and snacks, I always fly with them.

  • Missed out on two very compelling factors: people travel in groups and overhead compartment space is insufficient. 1. The groups thing basically kills most of the most ideal solutions. Parents with two kids can't just board without them, and can't just send them along ahead. Not sure what percentage of travelers are in a group, but I'll bet many groups would refuse to be separated while boarding, if they could manage it. 2. Overhead compartment space. This one is getting more and more critical each year, it seems. Compartments on many connecting flights on smaller aircraft simply cannot accommodate every passenger having a regulation-size carry on bag. What does that mean? It means that if you don't get on first, you get to gate check your bag, and sometimes it means that you have to run the risk of it getting lost or have to endure the delay of it coming out on the carousel. Faced with that. people are all about getting on ASAP.

  • Heres how I board a plane. Have a backpack, sit down instantly. WHY do people take forever messing with bags. I have never used the overhead thing and always just keep a backpack under my seat

  • Steffen Modified (7:11) would actually be the worst of all. The cartoon just shows Boarding Group 1 in their seats (POOF!), Boarding Group 2 has cooperatively filled up the rear first, then he shows Boarding Group 3 happily going to the back first. That's ridiculous. You know that everyone in each group would simply occupy the first three seats toward the front in his/her group, then the second three seats, then the third, and so forth. If you're in Boarding Group 1, you're going to take the first Group 1 seat available to you. Period. That would then require every other passenger to wait behind them. It would actually be worse than the method they use right now. The only good suggestion I've seen here has been free checked bags and to charge for carryons that have to go overhead.

  • this is the most random topic ill ever learn about

  • I think United uses front to back on the entire plane

  • The optimal system presented here depends on the entirety of the passengers being at the gate at the same time, before boarding time commences. Good luck with that.

  • They could use front and back door simultaneously for boarding. I’ve seen it.

  • you know what would also speed it up? An airplane doesn't have only one door so split the boarding into two or four ques thus clearly speeding up the process because only a quarter as many passengers are in any one que.

  • YES!!!

  • Brilliant stuff! The animation and music are so fun and soothing! :)

  • They could design planes with wider aisles to let 2 rows go at once. One for left side and one for the right side.

  • Damn son CGP droppin' bars.

  • did you, did you actually just claim "Voting systems" drag life on forever and do nothing but cause problems? i smell a socialist scumbag, whats your solution an all powerful centralized government? crawl back to Venezuela

  • I flied with LATAM and there weren't boarding groups...

  • I might be missing something, but I think I can improve on your "perfect" method. Instead of doing all the odd rows from the left, and then odd rows from the right as the next group, do all the odd rows from the left AND even rows from the right at the SAME time in the same group. Then instead of someone placing a bag in every other row during each group, and taking 12 groups to board (for an aircraft with 3 seats on both sides of the aisle), you'd only need 6 groups.

  • I appreciate that someone is so passionate about this.

  • You've overlooked Southwest's boarding strategy - no assigned seats. Actually works pretty well time-wise. I've seen them turn around a flight (deplane/board) in 20 minutes. Southwest also discourages excessive carry-ons by NOT CHARGING FOR CHECKED BAGS!! They also have the exact same number of seats on every aircraft in their fleet, eliminating most of the causes of bumped passengers.

  • No swa. We just stuff people with not group. And first come first served.....

  • 5:35 A perfectionist’s dream (^ω^)

  • Airlines use a strategy to make sure more money flows: SEPARATE A FAMILY to make them pay EXTRA for specific seats so they all sit together

  • We want that background music please.

  • 1:32 It's not really lost seconds because the plane isn't going to take off early.

  • What about the amount of human life wasted talking about the boarding methods currently employed by airlines rather than getting to the point of the video! You made me wait as if I was boarding and airplane! ;p

  • Interesting.

  • I never flew in an airplane but this does reminds me of waiting on the phone for support from a government agency (ex: social security, SNAP aka food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.). Depending on the day and/or time it can be like first class time (30 mins). I can relate to the characters at 6:38-6:57 (LOL) when I was on hold for over an hour and fifteen minutes on the phone; I should have just went straight to the place.

  • None of these methods take into consideration the passengers who sit in the back of the plane but stow their carry-on bags towards the front of the plane. This slows the loading process. Then, because there wasn’t any room in the overhead storage for the people who sit up front, they end up having to stow their carry-on bags in the overhead in the back of the plane. If you eliminate the overhead bins so that all bags that don’t fit under the seat in front of you are checked, seating passengers would be much faster. And before you bring up the few seats that don’t have under-seat storage in front of them, there is often a small storage area available to flight attendants.

  • oh, humans!

  • Ty for the bad method, i never lost a plane

  • we have 2 boarding groups in Australia. Front and back.

  • we have 2 boarding groups in Australia. Front and back.

  • we have 2 boarding groups in Australia. Front and back.

  • we have 2 boarding groups in Australia. Front and back.

  • we have 2 boarding groups in Australia. Front and back.

  • we have 2 boarding groups in Australia. Front and back.