Taking A Camel To The Store

Publicerades den 12 apr 2019
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  • His talking about pets mart not Petco .

  • Camel *exists* Petco: am I a joke to you?

  • 2:02 the dog looks like it’s gonna pee

  • Sub to me and comment and ill sub to you

  • i thought it said mr. beast

  • *that lady could’ve turned and hit a tree instead but nope couldn’t use her pea sized brain*

  • 666 dislikes??

  • Break pedal not working my ass.

  • 0:47 New Year... New *YOU*

  • The woman just came out of her car like "Mmm what's up fellas I would like to renew my membership"

  • Aw man my cat can only do 31 mph

  • That poor man trying to get his life on track: Act of god hurts him with car.

  • Bro Usin dog

  • My doogo who's also a dobmermen can run at 28ish mph but that's towing a bike and my fat 100kg/220lbs ass. I'm sure little fluffy could do 35 or over. 35 is fast but greyhound which feature in the genetics of a diberman can do over 45 mph. I like doges

  • 1:34 my dog cant even run more than 3kph considering that its a fat vanilla blob

  • There isn’t one of your videos that I watched that was boring.

  • 0:47 to 1:05 notice how the sign says new year new you Yah that guy got the new you

  • It’s so cute! The cammel and that dog!!

  • People these days are savage

  • 01:25...he aint even sprinting.....you should see those...and even more...the greyhounds...its more ..Aeronautics than..Aerobics

  • Women driving a car is dangerous

  • 0:55 of course it was a woman

  • Why wouldn’t you wear a mask with all that doghair flying in your face

  • Rip the guy on the treadmill

  • 1:01 PEOPLE: IDIOT DRIVER * Walks out * People: it's fine She's a blond

  • 0:58 Woman, of course...

  • Woman Driver at it's Finest....

  • 1:15 That dog jumps the fence... wyd?

  • That dogo is the speediest boi

  • Can i bring my giraffe?

  • 0:53 Him: The driver said the brake pedals weren’t working so she couldn’t stop. Me: She? So a woman......

    • How do you miss that tho? You’re brake pedal

    • Sure.

    • Seems reasonable enough

  • The Mercedes was not even brokwn

  • Female drivers am i right

  • Damn. That's one reason why I'd not want to own a Husky or any other similar coated breeds. So much fur. *So much* .

  • 0:57 a blondy, no suprise

  • For the lady that drove her red Mercedes into a gym... *use the handbrake*

  • 2:04.. It almost looks like.. heaven.. 😍😍😍 5secs later *Sneezes*

  • The guy needed a push to jump out of his comfort zone lol

  • 1:27 imagine if this dog chases you

  • The guy that was on the treadmill, got smashed into the treadmill :( my hearrrt

  • *brings stegosaurs*

  • cars + womens = bad idea

  • If she said her stop peddle wasn’t working than how did she stop¿¿¿ 00:51

  • 3:19 Wait a sec

  • 1:01 guy bleeding in the bottom right. Might not be serious but still

  • She meant to say her gas pedal was working properly lol


  • i heard a angry bird 0:38

  • 1:17 '' *cheetah is quaking* ''

  • 0:30 that man has some of the biggest balls I have ever seen

  • 0:14 guys the camel is fake... look at how the hump clips through the door frame

  • That’s the last time that fat guy ever goes to the gym! He actually has a pretty good excuse! As soon as muslims and sharia law take over it won’t be rare to see camels everywhere. You won’t see any dogs though (Mohammad said kill them all, especially black dogs - Mohammad didn’t like any living creature that was black, at best they were his "raisinhead" slaves - his word not mine, it’s in the Hadith go read it, it also makes very clear in about a dozen passages that Mohammad was white - very white).

  • 2:06 *cries in allergies*

  • That guy on the bike was the speed of light

  • 2:20 having a German shepherd in a nutshell lmao

  • petco: you can bring in any animal as long as its on a leash seaman: *brings in a blue whale in a giant water tank in a giant wagon* lincolnian: *brings in a robot*

  • “You can bring in any animal as long as you can control it” Me: *brings a snake*

  • Woman; hits man inside of building with her car. Also Woman: Guys, it wasn't my fault my breaks are messed up! Doesn`t even care about the dude...smh.....

  • 0:37 I hate how girls feel the natural reflex to scream for no reason about everything.

  • 0:47 this driver havent heard of this revolutionary thing called *HANDBRAKE* that can be used as an emergency brake if your normal brakes fails like that -_- For "some odd reason" it didnt surprise me that the driver was a blonde woman...

  • 1:32 when a dog starts chasing you and your on a bike

  • Brake failure, on a brand new Mercedes Benz, that's bs you can clearly see she accelerated even further. She stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brakes.

  • Dog: *fast as fuck boy!* Me: *WHAT*

  • that fast dog called greyhound

  • Use km/h

  • I would bring a human to the pet shop

  • That's a dromedary...

  • If that dickhead wasn’t so amused with his phone while on the treadmill.. he may have seen her and had enough time to get out of the way.. phones.. No.1 distraction to many fatalities..

  • 1:00 guess who did that

  • When it's Wednesday Mike Mike Mike Mike mike

  • 1:26 wow, my dog could run that fast, but after a few seconds of going that speed he would trip over his own legs and fall

  • 1:15 Yeeeeeaaaah, I don't trust that excuse. If the brakes were gone like that, and I'd seen a person IN THE PLACE IN FRONT OF ME, I would have at least swerved, possibly more damage, but I'm not risking the endangerment of another person.

  • How women's drive!

  • 3:04 where we dripping boys?

  • 0:49 why you don’t text and run

  • Just a normal day at the gym all of a sudden.....car crashes in

  • 2:09 I guess you could say that being a dog groomer is RUFF

  • 1:02 A N D I T S A W A M E N

  • Dog: DEJA VU car: v r o o m

  • 0:48 it's called a emergency break and it's there for a reason

  • I would have taken a Llama

  • Just another normal day in Egypt

  • I like how the woman who crashed the car into the gym just casually walks out of the car

  • “The driver side break pedal wasn’t working” is there one the other side? 0:53

  • That’s the petsmart from my hometown 😍

  • Gym guy was working out, so he’s fine.

  • 1:34 When you accidentally sit with the annoying friend instead of the cool one 😎

  • 0:51 Why does the top of the window break first?

  • "Don't jump to conclusions" Me: 0:36

  • 1:54 Isn't that thredbo?!!

  • So I can bring my fox to petsmart?

  • PetSmart:you can bring any animal in. Me:brings in lion

  • When did daily turn into occasionally

  • 0:53 meanwhile at the gym

  • 0:52 : brake pedal doesn't Can't she just use the handbrake or doesn't it work like that

    • I don’t really know how to drive , but even I think that should work

  • if theres any modest pelican fans here then look at 3:09 clip it and send it to him

  • Imagine trying to walk that dog and it starts running

  • It's logically that there was a woman in the red mercedes

  • Don't you think a vacuum would have worked better on the dog rather than a blower!

  • 0:56 yea i guessed, just a fucking woman