Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review: The Bar is Set!

Publicerades den 7 mar 2019
Samsung Galaxy S10 has set the bar for the rest of 2019!
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  • I see why you have so many subscribers. This video is excellent and the background optics are so warm and inviting. Your product knowledge makes you quite a salesperson for Samsung. I hope they are taking care of you. I lease the s9 plus. I just did a lease upgrade to the s10. I was going to wait on the 5G model but I'm going to give them some time to work the inevitable bugs.

  • Waiting for the Note X in the fall. This phone looks great though.

  • i'm currently using iPhone 7 and i'm really thinking about buying s10+ instead of xs max... samsung did a better job this time!

  • No thank you. I will never leave iPhones.

  • I'm just here to read Apple comments.

  • The software is what's lacking here. It's not up to par with what Google and Apple do with their software (with things like gestures). That's why this phone is not perfect to my opinion.

  • i loved samsung and this cell is good but the more i look at they didn't really shrink the bottom bezel and only shrunk the top bezel and know there a dumb hole for the camera. the finger print scanner is on display and that sucks you the hell wants it on the display the back is best. it is nice but i am. i am not buying. the hole is hands down better then notch and anyone that says it doesn't is a iphone lover.

  • What's the name of the game @ 1:21

  • just compared sassing s10+ camera with my iPhone XR ... sorry to say the camera is worse than ever

  • That wall-E wallpaper on the right spot is so cute...

  • Hey markasss Brownie! Great review

  • Äppel your müve

  • Should i get the s10+ or s10e?

  • 1:41 dude's running to the toilet to take a shit

  • seriously this guy is just peace of junk what he actually want to say ? a kid also know what inside in s10 what he actually saying here

  • I’m good with my iPhone XS Max. More excited to see what Apple puts out later this year than this thing. Yeah the hardware is bomb but I like Apple’s hardware and iOS integrations. Enhances the whole ecosystem experience.

  • For anyone who has the S10, do you feel that even the vivid setting for the display is washed out, even for a Samsung panel? I switched from the S8 and there are noticable differences, but lots of the colors are less vibrant than I was used to on the S8. Any help would be appreciated

  • hey guys, do you know if there is a way to root the S10+ and change the bixby button to google assistant?

  • Mark-ass Brownlee spelled his own name wrong LOL.

  • Screen edge is very bad it will never be able to protect it simply design failures, shapes never recommanded

  • Pre ordered S10+ after your review, I noticed that face unlock works with just anyone who looks 70% like you or an image? Should we stop using it? What would you recommend.

  • Love your reviews I have a quick question. Out of the box my galaxy s10+ display seems a bit washed out. I changed to vivid but the display seems a bit yellowish. Also, whenever i make a call, I see a tiny light flickering on top of the network bar. Are all the above behavior expected?

    • Any suggestions will be helpul

  • That problem about the fingerprint scanners i also have it on my S10 which i bourgth yesterday in exchange to me 6 mounth old note 9 . the first i did was the screenprotector i removed that and there was an update availible but the update did nt fixes nothing . after that i conectet the phone to my laptop and copied all my files and apps to smart switch and did a factoryreset and that was the solution and now the fingerprintscanners works excellent and my s10 is very smooth

  • So you would rather have a giant fucking hole in the display

  • Hi MKBHD, are there any significant differences between the SD855 model and the Exynos 9820 model in battery life? Thanks 😄

  • Would you look at putting stock android in it? Would that help on the camera situation?

  • *Mark-Ass Brownlee*

  • For anyone considering buying this phone, if software and camera are more important, get a Pixel. I got baited by DXO mark, S10 camera is not better than pixel camera. Im pretty sure is the same hardware in the Galaxy S9 and Samsung is using software (LOL) to improve it. Screen is amazing though, but Im returning it, a good screen does not make up for the software (imo One UI is still bad, and Bixby feed.....) and the camera.

  • Thats it im switching to samsung

  • Please make a video about stadia

  • Its weird how some people really dont wanna leave Apple because of imessage. You really need to see if the other person is typing, if they read the message, or add stupid stickers to a convo. Its sounds peculiar to me.

  • Give it 120hz amoled panel and much much much perfect... :D

  • iPhone >>>>>>>>

  • We all know your name from the username. duh!

  • That phone is a BEAST. & this is coming from an iPhone XS Max user.

  • I’ve been w/ iPhone for yearssssssss but since the S10 has came out I’ve been in love with it I think I might get it honestly

  • Im ready to upgrade from my Note 8. So I'm still not sure which phone to pick atm.

  • Thumbs down because I couldn't skip the add

  • ‘ I had a light day of use with 7 hours of screen time’ Jesus Christ guy I know you do this for a living, but you gotta put the tech down at least sometimes, you’re going to turn into a zombie, you stare at a phone for 8-10 hours a day, damn this society is god damn zombies! Go ride a dirt bike or go hiking or something, enjoy life, not something a factory made...

  • I noticed the holepunch on the video before you mentioned it.... Because it was next to my holepunch on the S10+ ;) Clever guy

  • that intro was so clever. i shed a tear. rip curiosity

  • Did they remove the led notifications around the camera.

  • I love the wall-e background! ... so clever!

  • Pls change ur style Marques. Don’t get carried away by your 8 mil subscribers!

  • Excellent review!!! congrats. Regards from Brazil.

  • Damn can't wait september 🍏🍏

  • I really wanted to like this but the inconsistent fingerprint sensor killed it for me. Took me forever to even get the phone to capture both fingerprints (kept asking me to press harder and wouldn't capture edges) then after finally completing that process, I promptly tested unlocking phone with both registered both fingers and could not for the life of me unlock the phone with either fingers. Tried so many times the phone just wouldn't take it anymore and would only take the pattern to unlock. Thanks but no thanks. I have too many apps that I use fingerprint authentication. I know this video mentioned installing another screen protector which helped but I should not have to buy yet another accessory and install to get close to the functionality that my 3 year old phone has... On the plus side my wife now has a new phone 🙄

  • I like the video ratio almost fits the note8 screen ratio

  • පල පොන්න පකා බොරු කියන්නෙ නැතුව කැරිය

  • But foldable phones are here, no one is buying a phone this year...

  • 00:44 for my RATTPACK! PLP

  • Sam sheffer

  • Great video and content. I have a iPhone 7+ now and after watching this, I'm completely convinced on switching to the S10+

  • I still have the gallixy s7 edge

  • Bro you got cocoa butter all over the screen I can't fucking see what's going on

  • It’s just a phone people. That being said... I want this phone soooooo bad!!!

  • Should I upgrade to s10+ from iphone x ?

  • Another example of what you are trying to say around the 3 minute mark, is everyday of your life, you can see your nose with both eyes, but your brain eliminates it from your vision unless you are purposely trying to look at it. And as an update, for all those making such a big deal about the ONLY thing we can find better on another phone than this one, the low light pics of the P3's Gcam, WE NOW HAVE A WORKING GCAM ON THE S10+. So the one thing this phone was beaten on, is now part of this phone. Excellent!

  • Anyone can comment on the battery of S10+ (how long it lasts watching SE-tv on full brightness or any other activity)? Thank you.

  • I was under the impression that the phone came with a screen protector already installed. ..?

    • Christian Louis unfortunately that’s not the case

  • Can you link the mountain wallpaper your using.

  • As long as it plays porn and music, it's NASA to me.

  • Samsung Wing, yes or no?

  • The wallpaper in the thumbnail is the same wallpaper that I have

  • Where did you get your Grey Adidas hoodie it's cool

  • To Big for my hands ,dont Like big phones but That’s just me.

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  • I just wish samsung wouldn't lag like shit

  • Who came back after the studio tour to see those guys fighting for there lives

  • Wats that game


  • Whose here after the studio tour xD

  • I liked it when he said fight me 😂

  • Came back after watching the studio tour 5.0 😬✌🏻

  • just curious, is there a way to hide the camera like in a similar way as in the phones with notch?

  • Hell yeah for the headphone jack still being included!

  • This gonna sound stupid but no headphone jack is a buzzkill for me.

  • I like the iPhone X notch. No complaint. Been an iPhone user since iPhone 3GS.

  • Camera ranking: Google Pixel 4 Samsung Galaxy S10 iPhone XS

    • Biggest Notch ranking : Google Pixel 4 Phone XS Samsung Galaxy S10

  • I switched from the Iphone 7 to the 10+ and it really feels like night and day

  • 10:32 (preeety High) Sweet

  • mote 10 should be bdtter

  • Hey Marques, Great review!! What's the official name of your haircut?

  • Marques, you were too nice to Samsung! I have an 8 plus and it's still running 8.0! Please! I think if they are going to start making phones that retails for $1,500 to $2,000 all decked out they should support upgrades for 3 or 4 years -- not just for two. Do you agree? An organization with the size and resources a Samsung can do much better in this regard and should, in my humble opinion. Thank you for allowing me to vent!

  • please review the redmi note 7 pro camera!

  • Who is watching this video after watching the studio tour?

    • I can't stop thinking about the backgrounds 😂😂😂

  • Seems like any other flagship in the last 3 years

  • Do you know if dark mode will be in the next software update for other galaxy phones?

  • Where did he get that mountain wallpaper he has?

  • best phone in the world and its not even close.

  • I saw the hole and was like what’s in his house that has no shadow or reflection or what’s wrong with my phones screen. Then he said why it was there and I was like oh still annoying

  • my s9+ is still stuck on july 1st security patch. Fuck you samsung.

  • Samsung keeps of failing on design. They ruined the s10's design just to have a wierd front facing camera smh. Apple will always be king of design

  • i did not notice that black thing at all and now my life has changed

  • 0:49 that wallpaper of mountains??? anyone please

  • Didn't really work

  • Samsung no match to iPhone u can open a 10 and S10 plus with your video by passing u finger print Id if u set your face id wirhebany video of u the hold puncher is not it

  • Yo what hoodie is that

  • I am scared what Google would do now that it has seen this design. They are going to uglify this arent they?

  • I just ordered mine, I had a 150€ discount code and they took my Note 8 for 250€, final cost 620€. And it will be shipped with the wireless buds that values 149€, I guess I got a nice deal.