R. Kelly was "unhinged" in interview with Gayle King, columnist says

Publicerades den 6 mar 2019
Singer R. Kelly said he's an innocent man in an emotional interview with "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King. He vehemently denied all accusations of sexual abuse made against him. Renee Graham of The Boston Globe joined CBSN for analysis.
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  • CHIMPOUT!!!!

  • Dude thought this was a casting for a movie. But the parents need to be jailed for child neglect. You cannot give your daughter to a man with a predatory past They are complicit.

  • 3:15 he answered the question before Gayle could get it out. She should of asked him about thesex tape

  • It’s disgusting that the white man are fueling this black on black crime. R Kelly is innocent!

  • Is the black person a man or a woman? Because of that question I don't beleive ot!😁👎👎👎👎

  • 5:05 *when R. Kelly steps on legos barefooted*

  • He cant come back from this once theres video proof

  • 3:28 breakdown starts

  • Yall don't wanna believe the truth~the next hit

  • I probably would have let it all out like this too if I had been accused. Let’s just let the courts hear it and see what they do with it.

  • His Forehead Is Big & Shiny 😂😂💯

  • Pee is wet. Tears are too...

  • R Kelly damn man ... u caught in some major 💩 and u gotta get ur self out or u will soon be chop meat....

  • “You’re killing me smalls”

  • Kelly likes girls that their sneakers light when they walk. Yes he's made good music, but damn take the blinders off.

  • I love r kelly..i grew up on him. I hate to see him in this situation. But this is the most entertaining interview ever.. I watch it damn near everyday. " yall just dont wonna believe the truth..you dont wonna believe it... How was he not in movies????????

  • Listen again. He says " every girl I've had a relationship with" Not every woman or lady." He's also acting to be angry, because he's heard people say " when your being wrongly accused, you get angry". Then you have his puppet boys come to wipe the sweat off. WOW. They know their lane. What man will come and wipe the sweat off your face, unless they were taught to. Great performance. WOW. I totally believe that.

  • He married underaged Aliyah. Enough said

  • These comments tho😂😂😂

  • Guilty.

  • I thought he was gonna start doing them trapped in the closet videos

  • "I'm not luficer" lol

  • Next week on to catch a predator: this is stupid! Chris can't catch him cause he's a fraud too!

  • Dis nigg@ is guilty

  • No asks him real questions..how these girls haven't seen their family...all of sudden these girls don't wanna see their families

  • Dude is mentally and emotionally unstable, that much is clear at the very least

  • He’s cappin!

  • I thought he was about to start singing again at 6:29 😭😭

  • I believe I can flyyyy?

  • R. Kelly is the next Michael Jackson. Poor MJ is dead and people are still accusing him of unspeakable sexual acts.

    • adrienne scott it’s because he did them you idiot

  • U know what R. Kelly is a freak. He is not an abusive man. Who don't know bout his freakiness? Where is the parents of these underage hoes. How does a 15 or under get an overnight with R. Kelly. I believe R. Kelly.

  • I know when i lie i cant stop sweating too. He was sweating like crazy the more she questioned him.

  • When someone answers a question with a question. ....

  • I like how whenever he lies he nods his head the correct answer lol "So they're lying on you?" "Absolutely." *nods head no 4:40

  • She the worst interviewer ever,she not interviewing she being told what to say.

  • The innocent get angry. The guilty cry. That's all I'm saying.

  • 4, 5, 6, 50

  • You killing me men😂


  • The true definition of a Klusterfuck!!

  • Never seen a grown man act like a teenage kid

  • “30 years of my career”

  • “Absolutely” *Shakes head no while saying it* lmfaooooo

  • I believe him

  • "Y'all killing me with ish"😂😂😂

  • R Kelly- mami Rollin her body and I'm the only one in here wishin, sippin on Capri Sun, I'm like so what she too young, its the freakin weekend imma bout to buy her a pony, let me help u with ur science homework, i'll get you a a plus bc I LOVE THEM way too young!👌👏😅🏁💸

  • I have been buried alive, but im alive

  • He married Aaliyah at the age of 16 but dated her at the age of 15... "No" ~ R Kelly

    • anusoul YT and met her when she was 13

  • I think he's innocent

  • 5:07 ... I SWEAR I thought he was gonna yell "SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!!! 😫😖" (drop mic)

  • This is what men can do when they are angry 😂😂😂😂

  • 4:59 when you make your sibling cry and you explain to your mom

  • Boondocks anyone? 👀👀

  • Y’all might hate him but All ya moms are praying he didn’t do it

  • But he was with aliyah so he has been with an under age girl before and after that i feel people are just fanning the flames

  • Honestly he seems innocent and in the interview he seemed genuinely hurt

  • This video never gets old 😩😩

  • This can happen when you’re allowed to live any life you desire for 30 years with zero repercussion.

  • *"YaLL JuSt DonT wAnna BelIeVe ThE TruTH!"*

  • He's not innocent ....this interview with Gayle just proves it!! (Smh)

  • 4:50 he's kinda singing 😂

  • Don’t people sometime have a heart and think maybe these women do this for money cause 50 people is a lot.

  • I don't believe these alligations! I cant say what i really want but people are crabs. Always holding each other back

  • 4:23 the tantrum increase 1 by 1

  • 3:17 he nods his head in contradiction

  • Mans keeps talking about being buried. Someone better check his backyard. 👀

    • Leila 🤣😂😂😂

  • Just send him to Maury

    • Nothing, wrong R . Kelly done American law make must not sleep one side, you can't be raped today and make a case after your now a musician, work in police stations, after tens years it's useless if your own child tells you my dad ,we wanted to make money with my body , who problems is? Father's are also Devil arrest those two father too ,to tell the truth, when Kelly hosted girls where were the FBI ,and parents were sleeping for 10years in sleep,and ware up after 10years,hhahahaa it's a funny movies, I only see that Kelly failed to pay the rent a of girls sexually fee ,they suck your money ,last they want to leave you in jail ,a woman is jam tin to laws today stay away from a woman .

  • He big mad

  • He dream are not real

  • *lemme get that youth youth that rape fee fee*

  • 🤣🤣🤣 his ranting this a new chapter for trapped in the closet?

  • This feels like an episode of Black Mirror

  • The jews did r kelly dirty.. All the jews do the same thing rkelly does and they put attention on him

  • Jussie Kelly

  • R. Smollett

  • Satan ALWAYS comes back to collect. He is loyal to NO ONE. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD🙌🤗❤!

  • Women's equal rights is getting out of control....

  • All women chill , just chill women....he was screaming at the camera....he wasn't gonna hit Gayle.... Give the man a break...

  • He wanted to pee on her so bad 😂

  • They going after R. Kelly like he came out and said he's a Trump supporter. Like, "whaaaattttt???" Liberal media witch hunting continues. #metoo deez nutz!

  • its funny how it all women in this the interview the behavior specialist and and the new anchors but that dont mean nutin i think both sides was down to smash not no sexual abuse he has been threw alot

  • This is some grammy nominee worthy stuff right here.

  • They could have at least got him a drink. Hot and fresh out the kitchen

  • Gayle was laughing when he said "IS THIS CAMERA ON ME?" 🤣🤣🤣

  • LMFAOOOOOO how can you not know what a cult is but not have one?

  • I feel thats it was her fault she kept on asking and the way she keep on treating him the same ways

  • I just can't take him serious at all 💀

  • A preview of the eventual Trump interview.

  • One word: narcissist

  • Gayle king was wrong on so many levels as a journalist.. She clearly is saying he's guilty based on hearsay b uz none of those women took lie detector tests from docuseries

  • Get off R kelly Nuts already.. Simple case off character assassination and all of you people are vile disgusting beings. Leeching parasites just cringing to get your two sense in.... Pathetic....

  • money can buy your way out of anything . if it was you or me we would be in prison all ready . this man is a trash monster . r Kelly is a fifty year old man not a nineteen year old boy . this man has unhealthy sexual cravings and hang ups . no one acts this way . unless their on the ropes hiding something .

  • No excuse

  • My idol my biggers rnb artist of all times,god will help you rkelly,i know you innocent,these gold diggers who want a paycheque will face karma

  • "Robert" 🤣🤣

  • I don’t know, what if someone was saying these things about you, wouldn’t you react the same way? No one would be calm if this was happening to them. Bill Cosby was guilty, and he was cool as a cat. If he’s innocent, this must be a nightmare for him.

  • Why are Americans so disturbed by emotions?

  • Reminds me of denzel in training day towards the end.

  • 5:00 i cant 😂

  • "Iiiiii just wanna hurt somebody."