Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

Publicerades den 14 mar 2019
Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • That clip of Captain America holding his shield and the expression on his face is epic!!!

  • Few can understand, the original trailer is of 4 minutes😂😂😂😂😂

  • Well I’m confused?

  • Avengers will win🔫🔫

  • Wow wow wow 100% im look it with freinds so good film

  • Capt america is going to die

  • Yea boi!!! Finally

  • If a default can kill Thanos, bish anybody can

  • Avengers end game is the most popular movie and itis very super trailer confirm this movie in 🇮🇳 india collection is 200 crores above

  • DC after this trailer is crying)

  • Red was shown in the black in white as a refrence and captain marvel or iron man saving the day

  • Please bring scarlet witch back !!!!

  • The beginning sounded like the start of season 4 in fortnite

  • Idk y i watch trailers. Ik now that tony stark makes it back to earth.

  • Fastest 1 billion $ earned by Infinity War In 11 days Who think Endgame will brake the record In 7 days Hit Like or Comment 👇

  • Whatever it takes

  • At the 1:17 part, I just really loved it when Natasha said that little speech when she says: “Even if there’s a... small chance... we owe this... to everyone who’s not in this room... to try”. And just hearing that was just truly amazing 😉! And I just cannot wait to see this movie so much.

  • why do i like the music so much

  • What are they doin on the Benaataaaaar!!!!

  • May Happy anything....We must get a whole Infinity Saga recap from LUIS......

  • The old hammer?

  • I HAVE A THEORY ON HOW AVENGERS CAN DEFEAT Thanos we can send ant man with sleeping tablet and mix it in thanos drink .PROBLEM SOLVED.😀😀😀

  • 80 Millions Let's go

  • Some people will watch endgame in cinema once But not us Not us ;D

  • Nebula can Defeat Thanos.

  • Just holding back my tears. Can't wait to watch this film.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️Marvel's film❤️❤️❤️

  • 1:35 Thor returns in time and this time points to the head

  • MCU: someone's crying!!😏😂 DCEU: who? who? whoooo? 😩😭😭😭

  • What the point in this movie liek what’s it about ??

  • Paling ditunggu2

  • Thanus

  • Whare is hulk

  • The reason why Doctor Strange gave Thanos the stone is because in all the futures he saw, the one that they defeated him in was the one where he actually wiped out half the population of everyone in the universe. If he didn't do that, then Fury probably would have never sent that message to Captain Marvel. Hence why Doctor Strange said it was the end-game, as that was the only option... But hey could be wrong XDXD.

  • Yo imagine if Shrek and his squad kills Thanos

  • **SPOILERS** Antman will enter Thanos botty hole and expand, killing him in the process

  • It's hammer right? Not an Axe? What's happened with Thor's axe?

    • +Susi Ono thats ok

    • +John Luigi Lorenzo oh yes. I though it was a hammer. But I remember that the handle of the hammer wasn't that long. Thank u 😊

    • No its not , its stormbreaker .

    • 2:15 bro. It's hammer.

    • Its there , didnt you see it in the trailer???

  • 2:14 Thor grabbing his axe noise

  • Bruh if captain marvel kills thanos I swear

  • Thanos cant be kill ...Avengers will lock Thanos in Quamtum Relim where stone powers r of no use and defeat thanos there...🤓

  • That trigger control!!

  • thrailler ok good

  • How do you find a Thanos?

  • It won't be the same with Stan Lee

  • You know, I hate the fact that this won’t be able to beat out Avatar. There’s just too much going against it. There’s little to no marketing on this movie and it’s going to have to compete against a bunch of other films releasing within its range (Shazam, Detective Pikachu, and Godzilla (they just had to release it around Endgame)). I do think it’s going to be a movie worthy of being one of the highest grossing films of all time, but you’ve got all these other variables that seem to be on a suicide mission to try and compete with Endgame.

    • John Luigi Lorenzo For the most part, more than likely. But it will definitely have an impact on how Endgame manages to gross in

    • ENDGAME will just destroy them during its release

  • Whats up with Hawkeye? He's thinking on killing Thanos with arrows?

  • I’ve watched this an unhealthy amount of times

  • Some people move on, bananas

  • I just came

  • I think Tony has given suit to every member

  • How is gun gonna work to Tannos

  • If only *Mikasa* and *Eren* were here...

  • I can't watch this trailer the same way thanks to Deadpool XD

  • The only song you will remember in the MCU is the one where all the avenger fight together

  • Plot twist: Thanos dies from a single bullet to the head from Black Widow's gun lol

  • Some people view a trailer once.... But Not Us Not Us

  • What ever it takes....

  • Some people don't like to see this again and again But Not us Not us

  • First Scene. Dark place ,lose

  • Whatever it takes, so Ant-Man goes shrink and gets into Thanus

  • ai việt nam ko

  • James Charles touched u like to undo

  • Where's the's it still the hammer ??

  • Lets hope this time Thor will go for the head

  • I know this will never happen but it would be awesome if Rocket found the Walkman on earth in a store and gives it to Peter at the end (well when he returns)

  • Average let do it

  • Everyone: What ever it takes Nebula: Aaaaaaaghhhh

  • Whatever it takes.... Cuz i love the adrenaline in my veins I'll do whatever it taaaakes.....

  • Avengers 4 ending scene will be here on philippines

  • This is the crossover beauty: I legitimately cannot wait to see Carol interact with them.

  • I wanna be in the marval universe,I wanna be a HERO. I hope to get that chance 😖🙁

  • Anyone bingewatching the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

  • 1:51 -: The fact of people with only 1 in 14,000,605 chance at survival.

  • Some people believe that all the scenes from this trailer are real and that they will be in the movie But not us Not Us

  • Can somebody tell me who the girl is at the end

  • Thank you stan💙❤️

  • Danai Gurira is in the official poster but not in the trailer.

  • I miss Groot

  • I want Louise to explain how everyone turned into dust

  • Cant waittt

  • Roses Are Red Sky Is Blue Thor Fancy Captain Marvel So Did You

  • I mean Romanoff should of shot Mr.purple with a gun in the eye then Mr. god of thunder stabs Mr. purple then everyone attack big purple guy Ps: only real real avenger fans will understand this

  • When Thor catches the hammer in front of Captain Marvel, Shuri in the background: "Showoff!"

  • You know what caught my eyes the most? Antman expression (of probably) knowing that he just lost his new family; hope, hank and janet. Man he looks so sad 😞

  • at 1:30 i hear wee-woo

  • Hulk hulk hulk 👑

  • whatever it takes I will go and watch this movie a hundred times eagerly waiting for endgame I wish I could come a little earlier in india

  • Where were these superheroes, super villainns ,,, sucide squad, justice league ( superman batman and others) captain marvel ,wonder woman , x men, venom , fantastic 4 while avengers trying to save the universe

  • Watched Captain Marvel, I’m hyped for this!

  • This is perfect event for ROBLOX

  • Captain Marvel is gonna kill Thanos🔥

  • There’s only one path to peace, their extinction Theory: Hawkeye found me and was running away from me from a trailer showing Hawkeye running

  • 1:06 Steve: I keep telling everybody they should move on. Some do, bananas

  • Cant wait,

  • *"It all started as just an idea..."*

  • DC sucks

  • I wish deadpool kill thanos ,,, using cable's time machine

  • Groot is dead but Stormbreaker still has a handle :’( Lol imagine if groot came back to life as himself with an axe attached to his head. Just runs around headbutt/chopping things.

  • Vcc

  • Imagine dragons what ever it takes would be a perfect song for this movie