If You Can't Drink Fast Enough This Cup Tazes You

Publicerades den 13 apr 2019
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Thanks so much to Max and Chad for letting me electrocute you
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  • Make a room a with a Diesel engine / more powerful motor with theswearing thing added so it just goes across your floor at Mach 3 swearing as it goes

  • Hey yo, dummy dumb. Yes you, remember when you said that you would make a separate channel for code yeah, do it bc you said you would!

  • i just realized something MICHAEL IS SUBBED TO PEWDIEPIE

  • Make a audio Animatronic terminator head.

  • So, i heard you read all the comments. PIN ME If bye the next vid senpai doesnt notice me imma eat my sisters liver

  • make a non explosive grenade launcher

  • I watch your videos religiously but u dont post often so i come back to this one and the tomatoe spikes

  • Please make a machine that shocks my dad when he smokes

  • Dave the ding ding salesman... That's got a nice ring to it

  • Todd Howard really changed huh

  • You should make a directed emp generator to break peoples airpods stealthily

  • You should stream you making things

  • 3:36......ya know some how I don’t believe that

  • Energy drinks linked to mental health issues... It's not like you drink them all the time right? lol www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/body/diet-nutrition/a13914836/scientific-link-energy-drinks-mental-health-issues/

  • I'd be so scared if michael had an infinite budget

  • I'm going to buy a Ding Ding toiy right now #ruindavesreputation

  • Make a ding ding launcher

  • Michael were the fuck is the robot uprising

  • Why cant you just link code on github

  • i bought one Ill keep it next to my Filthy Frank book

  • Michael bud pal amigo compadre bro friend my home slice my brother from another mother......... I'm sorry to say the cancer is terminal

  • You should make a TV that screams in pain when turned on

  • I’m coming to Hawaii what island are you on

  • 0:12 us Canadians just live in a state of cold with the occasional Timmies. But we are only a figment of your puny warm imaginations.

  • Yo you should make a robot that can score a soccer ball into a goal. That would be pretty cool!

  • Micheal shopee.co.th/giftstore.th/1807107698?smtt=0.0.9 is this rip-off Not 15$ btw

  • ding ding i wanna win a fucking ding ding

  • That poor laptop

  • Should make a 2.0 Keep the stuff safely inside so they can't break it by tossing the thing.

  • You should try install tiny fans into a shirt, under the armpits, and when you t-pose the fans start and cool you off

  • What is the podcast called

  • 8:23 this is gonna be my new Asmr

  • I have an idea... a buzz light year with a high powered laser hair that when activated makes you blind


  • Put William in your descriptions man, he puts you in all of his regardless if you were in it.

  • Maybe I should spy on someone else

  • You do know what I really want is something that makes the oddoneout sub to me like he did to you

  • Michael Reeves= demonetized

  • I watch these videos until I get drain bead... i mean brain dead, what have you done

  • Can you make a taser that every time you push the button it plays a piece from “Electric Slide”

  • Why?

  • C# tutorial number 4 plzzzz

  • I already have 3 ding dings from Amazon for $3. But I will pay the $15 for one with glasses

  • You should make a robot that figures out who is subscribed to t series and tases them. Sub 2 Pewds

  • Where our screaming roomba at Micheal???????!??!???

  • 6:18 with the naruto music lol

  • please build the swearing roomba from the shit ideas video

  • Make a robot that pours 4 drink from a selection u give it and then u drink it and hate ur self for it

  • @Michael reeves my mom said no to ding ding what do I do my god is ding ding

  • Micheal did you introduce Andrei to Tik tok?

  • Put pepper spray n the robot that shoots u when ur tiered

  • Make a robot to help u upload more

  • i hate how i don't have enough money for ding ding, i would buy that shit immediately

  • Hey Michael, here's an idea; A robot that puts you out of your misery by pushing you into a long-drop noose.

  • Make an army of hands that clap for you garbage

  • i ordered a ding ding like last week and it’s never got shipped yet..

  • *a cap that makes you alcoholic*

  • Make a bipedal Walker using one of those duck toys as the head. Tbh I'm hungover so this idea is probably shit

  • Is it weird that I find him cute ?

  • I found 2018's Albert Einstein..

  • hey its been less than a week since you last uploaded, have you stoped doing youtube? did you die, is that why you stoped doing youtube ?>

  • Is it just me or does he look like he is having a orgasm in the thumbnail but he is at the same time voiletntly getting murdered by ding ding decapitation, or is that just me?

  • Shit I bought a dingding from some other site before you sold them. shiiiit may buy another one lmfao

  • Why TF do you nee a raspberry pi on a cup when you can use a esp8266 It does not need a rpi

  • Max was calling you evil... But your dingding sale is the actual evil


  • Make a robot that slaps Big Macs out of your hand

  • Make a rc car that shoot's BB gun bullets

  • Can we talk about your laptop screen

  • You should build a robot that lifts you. Wait that’s impossible because your FAT!

  • imagine a program that 3d printed your face live and if you move you get tased.

  • The amount of pain all the coding gives me by just looking at it makes me wonder how you're still sane

    • Oh wait never mind...

  • You should like this so he can make a Rubik’s cube solver

  • Evil villain making his next evil plan in the attic

  • Nice collab w the official podcast

  • but mikil how dos it work

  • Make a robot that detects ingredients in food. I have an allergy to nuts so if u could at least show me its possible to make one, that’d help

  • An Alexa that purposely misinterprets commands

  • You should make a cup that spills all over your papers if you don't get them done in time

  • so this on sleightlusicals twitch stream. albert chang is a robot

  • Hello my dear Mr. Michael, CAN YOU DO ROBOT THAT WHISPERS BLESS YOU EVERYTIME YOU SNEEZE, thank you and that is all I would like to see, (you may add a catapult that catapults a bible at cha, or a gun shooting crucifixes). That is all thank you. Your Dear dearest Viewer.

  • I’m surprised the fbi hadn’t captured him yet

  • How old are you

  • You are the funniest person ever

  • Nobody: Some asian little girl:

  • I was just wondering after watching an older vid if you were going to sell ding dings. I was not disappointed. I'm buying the fuck out of it kthnx

  • #GetbackatDave this 20 dollar penis better fucking be worth it bitch.

  • You have a genuine evil genius laugh my guy.

  • So anyone else just want to be this man?

  • You should make a body suit that electrocutes you when ever you get mad

  • Taser cum

  • Someone's going to use ding ding as a dildo

  • Make a smart mirror you fuck

  • You should make a gun that shoots bibles that’s it

  • It'd be pretty cool if you made one of those clocks that's made up of a lot of smaller clocks.

  • But Michael, you're 12??

  • U should make a robot that throws ding-dings

  • bought

  • Make a bot that replies to any comment with the word "Roomba" with a nice "shut the hell up"

  • You brighten my day you!