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War of the firework........but what will it look like.
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Thanks to as they supply all the Fireworks this channel needs.
Also thanks to @mmaerialphotography for the 2nd drone Footage
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2nd Track is called "Get your rat Out" by "VFA" This band is no longer active so no links.
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  • Thanks for your support, spread the word so we can reach 8 million.

    • Colinfurze you should do a collaboration with the urban farmer to make a greens harvester out of a robot vacuum of course make it Colin furze style though love the videos

    • Hai

    • No. That is terrorist bullshit

    • Well, golly! That's a lot of clearing up!

    • 10 million subscribers and colin will make his own mini nuke, anybody got some spare uranium!?

  • Stupit video

  • one of the most incredibly stupid things ive watched on SE-tv. i think i just watched to see you die

  • Looks like an a10 warthog strafe run

  • This is how Micheal Bay should have done it.

  • 5:30 here we have a clip from ww2

  • Twat.

  • Too much frenzy to keep it unboring is making it boring. Bye.

  • next time use tape or glue to hold rokets, XD Very good video colin

  • The yellow vest need to do this France.

  • Thank God the cars didn't explode

  • 5:47 a Michael bay film

  • I am unsubscribing this channel.I am afraid about my existence on 10 million subscribers.

  • safety isnt the number 1 priority here

  • crazy fun.

  • You’re probably on N.A.T.Os watch list

  • Hi im indian i like your video

  • that was badass

  • Running from in between the show, wow.... Cheers to you!

  • What is this? UK Rednecks?!?!?!

  • Is this a political analogy?

  • 5:30 WWII Artillery.

  • Is this nuclear fusion?

  • Maybe you should read up on Newtons law :D

  • 5:58

  • Am I the only one who feeling like they are poor how the hell can ppl afford all them fireworks just to shoot them like that

  • Destroy a car only rockets

  • At 100 million subscribers he will destroy the center of the earth and the earth will explode then they will survive because they will go to moon while recording but when he upload the video there’s only 3 views because they’re only 3 people left

  • Mình không biết tiếng anh Nhưng Anh em cho mình mấy like nha

  • Your experiment is very good but to much of pollution

  • 5:23 is just epic

  • thanks for adding more shit to the air

  • Its like a war zone firing that wooooow

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  • มึงบ้ามากก555

  • Awesome bro

  • How much did you spend

  • That looked fun.

  • ben türk takipcinim seni tanimak istiyorum

  • These cars are "burned" :)))

  • Waaaw

  • Amazing I watch 1st time this video

  • Cool

  • Долбоёбы

  • Oh yeah you're back!

  • If Congreve invented the Katyusha - well, here it is.

  • Heyy I saw you on 'YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ' some time ago....with a bicycle cum rocket ....on DISCOVERY CHANNEL...

  • lets get his to 10mil subs he deserves it. years of stupid and cool inventions. we need to do it he needs a diamond play button. preez we gota see wat he dose with it.

  • I think he does not know pollution word

  • Damn I'm already subscribed... :(

  • Waooooo do more stuff like this🙌👏 ❤️from universe milkyway galaxy earth asia india Uttarapradesh kanpur kakadeo body soul.


  • Óc chó👎

  • What the caption is it? 😂😂😂😂

  • This episode was defo inspired by a Katyusha 😂😂😂

  • Hilux... great indestructable choice

  • for 8 million get a bomb suit and stand in fireworks shooting at you!!

  • 8 is my favorite number so 8 million better be the best one yet!! hehe

  • During the whole fireworks, I was rubbing my nipples and after it ended....... I smoked my "herbal Inhaler" LOL!!! Nice Video.

  • Congratulations Man You made a global warming

  • Make a coil gun plz

  • Hmmm so this is the reason for Global Warming.

  • thats was beautifull

  • 2:50 that's how katyusha works😄


  • Next time put on safety goggles though chaps, not worth a stray one takin out your eye,

  • If there's anything worth subscribing this is! These British guys are allright

  • I have to say that was cool

  • Actual video starts at 5:07 thank me later


  • Katyusha

  • I subbed just to see this dude blow up a piece of the earth.

  • That looks like my neighborhood at midnight#toledo ohio!!!! 😆😄

  • Stupid experiment

  • Who thinks 5:30 would have been a way better thumbnail

  • My greatest joy in life is the hysterical laughter that comes after an explosion.

  • Close one

  • Michael Bay likes this video

  • Ё моёёё

  • I remember learning about a certain topic in school, what was it.... Something like.....air pollution?

  • my videos

  • wtf

  • Holly fuck.

  • I don't comment much but your videos are epic.

  • So you are probably one of the reasons global warming is increasing rapidly

  • Awesome video

  • He literally built a missile truck...

  • And people in India say that fireworks are a problem only in India and we should learn something from westerners. Now I got it what to learn from them.🤔🤔🤔

  • Entertainment for low IQ millennials.....

  • ...and thus the Universe was born!

  • Good job

  • Nice

  • 6:37 THAT EVIL LAUGH 😂🤣👺

  • that was EPIC, like if u agree

  • You a fucking GOAT

  • already 7,4 o.O

  • I would have liked to have seen the two thousand rockets launched simultaneously into the sky.

  • Damn

  • You spend alot of money for nothing, give on poor ppl or feed them it will be much more interesting,whad do you say mr @colinfurze ?

  • Anyone else saw an air strike or was that just me?