Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)

Publicerades den 5 feb 2019
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Bird Box is one of the BIGGEST horror movies right now. It's inspired dozens of theories trying to answer the BIG question. What is the Bird Box monster? Today Theorists, I'm throwing my hat in the ring and I think we've hit on something big! You see, the monster in Bird Box has left a lot of clues for a creature we never see. I've gathered the evidence and you are going to want to hear this! Let's go!
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: BanditRants, Koen Verhagen, and Chance Cole
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
The Bible
Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures
The Call of Cthulhu
At the Mountains of Madness
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Bird Box



  • The monster then would be death as the Lord commands him, which is why it isn't suicide; they are not killing themselves. They are following death's commands.

  • Kurama lmao💀😹

  • 14:01 wait the trump?

  • Lydia and toms death were the saddest for me

  • I haven’t seen the video as I am writing this comment, but the fact that they can’t enter buildings sort of reminded me of how vampires can’t enter your home unless you invite them in.

  • Is it just me but one of those pictures look like bonnie.....

  • the monster has three eyes, a pincher, and theree legs. thats what i saw in the reflection of ... Malories sister?

  • the monster is reflected it their eyes

  • It takes form of your fear/saddest moment So basically it's a boggart

  • Mattpat... can you analyze the movie Annihilation?

  • Did no one pick up on the fact he called one of the monsters "horney"

  • Bird Box was a book before a movie

  • The second I heard fox spirit I thought Kurama, and there he was. The 9 tailed Kyuubi

  • He has mangekyo sharingan and put them in genjutsu

  • Octopus Jesus

  • 8:05 Mini Cthulhu?

  • So Bird Box Is Just Another Shitty Religious Movie...

  • Maybe it's a oni from ninjago?

  • Making wands while listening to film theory, seems legit.

  • matt pat they say that there are many things

  • Aka Manah, do not try to reason with him. Aka Manah, do not ask him for mercy. Let's just face it, you can't Aka Manah anything! (Talk him outta?...bad attempt at Mel Brooks humor, I know.)

  • Birdbox is Bullshit. The monster is refusing to face your fears.

  • 1. Mentally ill people are not evil, they're ill and by Christian beliefe, they don't get punished for their sins in the afterlife. Just like Children. So the theory that they don't deserve to go to heaven is bs. 2. "Girl" was hearing Mallory's voice while she(Mallory) was alive so it was not the voice of a dead person. BS #2. 3. I really don't think that this movie has that much of depth. It's just a semi-original concept derived from the movie called "Blindness".

  • Once I heard you say tentacle face I knew it'd be about cthulu

  • Maybe it’s the Black sluck From SCP

  • MatPat... I'm Christian.......

  • Monkaaaa.. Mats face at 16:26.. 😂

  • CONSPIRACY THEORY The monsters are just mirrors

  • Pfft Birdbox is t for us Intelectuals we stay inside all day of the computer (at least I do)

  • Scp 096

  • Garry don't you mean Garry's Mod. #HpLoveCraft

  • The monster is kthulu of something

  • Im muslim dude

  • The monster is Shaggy at 1% of his power.

  • Chucky is the monster

  • It might be that monster from grafity falls when you look at eyes you see your worst nightmares

  • It was chuthulu all along , it actually make sense esince chuthulu can control people, make them go insane and kill themselves or become a worshippers of chuthulu so yeah

  • The monster is what you don’t Want to see

  • awww fuck you lovecraft shit again really? im a spooky squid in the 5th dimension my nibba. also the writer looks like pauly shore.

  • 'Totally not a quiet place rip off' Please do more research, bird box was published as a book in 2014

  • Oh and defently not a SCP-001 ripoff.

  • its a demon bruh. bringing out the worst fear in people and causing them to kill themselves. only complete psychos find it “beautiful” and cause them to help kill the others for the demon. what else would want that many people dead

  • What about the birds?

  • did he just say Pirates of the Carribean and not Care-i-bian

  • He forgot about the birds

  • minute I heard Cthulhu I lost it

  • I am at the beginning of the video but I refuse to think it’s anyone other than Cthulhu Edit:I knew I was getting mad when he wasn’t saying Cthulhu bc I knew he made you go insane when you looked at him not to mention the drawings

  • Nine tails


  • do something about Bandersnatch

  • Terraria?

  • Wait so the monster is god

  • It's the wind, basically.

  • C’thulu

  • I wouldn't be affected because of my Sharingan.

  • What for your blind? No offensive if you are blind thou

  • Cutholu Edit: wrote this before he said this

  • IT

  • Oof a Puca is Ghost in Irish

  • The monster s SLENDERMAN because when you look at him you die

  • Its pronounced -ca-hu-la-hu- its a common mistake saying how its spelled

  • The Monster is thanos

    • Actually the monster is something that shaggy spit up and discarded but somehow obtained its own soul and started killing people

  • The answer is obvious Cthulhu!!!

  • the monster is a spirit

  • I think nyarlathept. It was a shapeshifter and a servant to the old ones. They can shapeshift into any creature but they took pleasure in the suffering of humans and driving them to madness. They also served to push the old ones agenda.

  • I think the monster has similar characteristics to SCP-096, I forgot who that guy who had the drawings of the monster, but when he looked at them, he turned, same thing happens to people who look at a picture of 096, it starts chasing them, even if it's across the world. I'm guessing that the guy looked at a drawing that symbolized the monster almost perfectly, and turned. Same thing that happended to that dude that watched the CCTV footage.

  • You do realize it was going to be a messed up baby only because she was pregnant. It's not like everyone would see the same thing...

  • It would be cthulhu because when ppl look at cthulhu in my knowledge when they see cthulhu they go insane and kill themselves so my answer is cthulhu :)))

  • Its shaggy.

  • monster from LOST

  • The monster is white people apparently.

    • +Malak Tarek I was referring to a video I saw a while back. A guy did an analysis on the video. He said this movie was racist because the only people that were evil appear to be white people. It seemed to have underlying features of propaganda.

    • This is racist


  • 11:19 i told myself 'but that's just a theori a film theori'

  • ;-; my name is Lydia....oh nu....

  • its reality and the death of one's fantasy as to the nature of life. the death of innocence the reality of existence...

  • It's a naked Rosie O'Donnell...duh!

  • in lovecraftion fiction nyarthoptept the crawling chaos can mimic things and love to break people's minds

  • I think it's 'original' form is whatever the hell we want it to look like. It could be something made of air or gas seeing how it wasn't visible from our perspective. But when coming into contact with any human it just naturally appears as anything that will through them off the edge. As for the people who see it and live to tell how it's "beautiful" I believe it's only mentally insane people. Not criminals. All people shown in the movie seemed to have a mental issue. That being said. If they're so mentally unstable, they're able to handle seeing this creature for it's 'true form' After seeing this creature it could have become their mission to let everyone else see it.

  • I'm the monster Proof: Everyone wears blindfolds and wants to get away from me and if you see me you drive yourself insane. But that's just a theory, a gay theory. Thanks for reading

  • I always thought the monster was some kind of metaphor for depression.

  • The monster is boku no pico The survivors are the sick fucks that watch this

  • Well that theory sucked

  • I love this and you did a great job, but I feel like the people who didn't try and kill themselves just did not allow Christ into their life, not that they weren't fit for heaven because of their crimes. God forgives all sins.

  • Press my channel and you know whats the monster and watch the vid

  • The monster is the *_mangekyou sharingan_*

  • This reminds me of the Bogart. HARRY POTTER FANS WILL UNDERSTAND.

  • Plural 2:34


  • When you pointed out to look at the spooky drawings, I just thought, "he'll now refer to Lovecraftian lore," based on the many arms/tentacles theme they have. Ha, guessed right. I know practically nothing about the lore, though.

  • The monster is a bird inside a box! It's in the title!

    • Nah the birds lead you to safety

  • wait so when someone opens their eyes and see the monster they go crazy and die, so does that mean that the monster would have to be visible to that person who just took their blindfold off, cause like they have to die BECAUSE they saw the monster not just cause they opened their eyes and saw nothing. So how is that possible cause the monster HAS to be visible STRAIGHT AWAY when they open their eyes? Every person dies straight as they open their eyes or take the blindfold off. Is the monster huge or does it teleport in front of each person who opens their eyes? I dunno what i'm getting to this is just a thought XD

  • 0:15 imagine how akward it was to record this audio

  • the monster is showing us all the future memes

  • 8:00 Me: IT"S CATHULU!!!

  • ever considered multiple monsters?

  • What if it is PENNYWISE

  • The monster is a crazy looking demon but is to scared to show itself cause it’s ugly Remember this is just a joke

  • Welp goodbye sleep who needs you anyway!

  • What I heard was that they had a monster but Sandra Bullock couldn’t stop laughing 😂