Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)

Publicerades den 5 feb 2019
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Bird Box is one of the BIGGEST horror movies right now. It's inspired dozens of theories trying to answer the BIG question. What is the Bird Box monster? Today Theorists, I'm throwing my hat in the ring and I think we've hit on something big! You see, the monster in Bird Box has left a lot of clues for a creature we never see. I've gathered the evidence and you are going to want to hear this! Let's go!
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
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The Bible
Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures
The Call of Cthulhu
At the Mountains of Madness
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Bird Box


  • Its nihilism. Its not a god. Its Godlessness.

  • Stairs. Everybody's worst enemy...... Demons...

  • Bird box doesn’t make sense! They say they use sound but the have a blindfold OVER THEIR EARS! (Check for yourself)

  • It ls a human that is imuned to the outside

  • I’m the monster DIE!!!!

  • We now must pray to the Octopus Jesus *HALLELUJAH HOLY (insert word here)*

  • MatPat hit with a pan, then cuts his arm off, then kills himself by stairs. WHAT I FEEL LIKE? WEIRDOS.

  • What about blind people

  • so blind people would rule the earth if the bird box monster won

  • Haha funny skrull/war machine reference.

  • The monster is When the WiFi goes out the person that turned it of

  • The scene b4 his intro tho🤣😂🤣😂 he can be a voice actor🤣😂🤣😂

  • Keep looking

  • What if SCP-096 becos when you look at it It kills you

  • Yeah, ok, if you look upon cthulhu,, you either kill yourself or become a worshipper... except that one norwegian guy.

  • You should make a theory about the slender man movie

  • When I try to remember Hulu I keep thinking of Honolulu

  • the monster is.... t series

  • How about happy time mirders

  • Does anyone agree but if someone blind someone couldn't get killed

  • Twist: ITS MATPAT

  • Is mat pat the monster because he said take off the blind fold like and. Subscribe

  • I just made memes along the movie with my friend.. *biRDiE???*

  • I guess if you saw the monster in the movie you will die

  • hiuytew jobvih fhnjibvghn y8po


  • Can't talk: a qiuet place, can't look:birdbox. Can't kill 682: SCP Foundation

  • It’s probably Carl.

  • this is how many ppl want part 2 | \/

  • For real was is the bee's?

  • Clearly, it's a liberal, Democratic fascist. Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of radical, left-wing, authoritarian ultrasocialism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy. Sound familiar.....?

  • My firts theory is that they see Jesus and they kill their self to go love with him and my second theory is that they see the devil and say "fuck this shit I'm out" and kill their self. I think my first theory makes more sense tho.

  • It is obviously a infinity symbol

  • es el coco xd

  • The monster is obviously riverdale

  • Nice theory

  • im scared

  • cthulhu of course

  • 0:02 He looks a bit like Pearl on RPDR when he was out of drag being bitchy towards Ru xD

  • The monster is obviously ricardo milos

  • Satan: - "lucifer"(old name of satan) most beautiful angel that was ever made by God - leader of the choir in heaven - satan got jealous/mad, for God chose Jesus to His right hand. - which God sent satan to Hell - trying to lure people in earth to do bad things so somebody to be with him in hell So maybe the "monster" in birdbox is satan, that we need to avoid/or being blindfolded so we can avoid him for not to be evil or something that God didn't want us to do. Just my own theory ^-^ P.S hell doesn't exist after the second coming of Christ ^-^


  • But suicide is the greatist sin bit youl probs say that later on

  • Here's my theory the monsters are the good guys but yet they are demons and they are trying to send good people to heaven by killing them but the bad people stay and help them to get the people to kill them because the people are killing the earth so the monsters make them extinct because they were on this planet before humans so the earth was originally theirs.

  • Huli-jiin or Kitsune of japan. Fum fact the pokemon ninetales is a kitsune

  • I feel like this movie was sort of like explaining how hard it is for blind people or like how hard it is with out sight! It sort of spread a message of like how important sight is so don’t treat your eye like a piece of rubbish treat them like your most prized possession! And also why couldn’t they just like......... dump flour on the creature and show us what it is! It’s very very annoying when you don’t know something! Sorry for wasting your time have a good day and you willl always look beautiful!

  • It is Jake Paul that Kill humans

  • 8:18 I was screaming “CTHULHU!”

  • Just googled why do birds go quiet and it says it’s because of a predator so the monster is predator. CROSSOVER!

  • just another bird box devoteeeeee

  • I liek demonology and lovecraftian creatures ... I'm rewatching this because I forgot the third lovecraftian creature (night gaunt and Cthulhu... Are the first two)

  • There was another chose your own adventure for all ages, it was mincraft story mode but it wasn’t as advanced as the actual game.

  • One more thing....... he said......... "SEND ANOTHER POSSIBILITY THROUGH THE SHREDDER!" 😑😏🤣🤣🤣

  • I SAW IT!! on the camera scene

  • THERE IS NO MONSTER PEOPLE!! It's a dust thingy...........

  • The Bird Box monster is CLEARLY your ugly mom!


  • The monster in the bird box Etodolac

  • I think its my friend brian

  • Its just a mirror. The survivors are egomaniacs and everyone else kills themselves after seeing themselves

  • Asid9626

  • Actually one of the characters said a person saw her mother who is in my opinion dead

  • 13:58 FUS RO DAH

  • His arm had no hand (0:05)


  • You got it wrong, you should have said what the FRICK

  • Me: “Dude! You’re- -” MatPat: “Horny” *...* Me: “He said that, not me. I was going to say that you’re an idiot.”

  • Umm I watched the danplan: By the way, can you survive birdbox? Before actually watching birdbox. xD Birdbox riddle: You can't see me, But when you look at me You will die. What am I? *The monster from birdbox*

    • +CookieGaming33 Wait, since it's also invisible, 4 pixels of it's face?

    • Flatkap O_O I'm looking out the- lol

    • ''When you look at me, you will die.'' The face of SCP-096?

  • BirdBox:Can't See Hush:Can't Hear A Quiet Place:Can't talk *what's next,a movie that you can't breathe?*

  • Bird box is a rip-off of a quiet place bird was from a novel from 2014

  • It was SCP-091

  • May pats 2 language: lore

  • Okay what the hell. My dad is reading a while bunch of books on

  • You said my middle name at time 15:25

  • Um ok wow my feelings hurt christ mate

  • Before the video:its probably chutulu during the video: I KNEW IT

    • also does that mean I wouldn't survive birdbox when I see the monster because I'm gay :(

  • Feels like this movie is just pulling a FNAF. And for those of you who somehow don't known, FNAF was made by a failure of a game designer where he pretends to have a well written script and leaves you to "figure it out" when in all actuality he just puts random, incomplete BS everywhere.

  • UNPOPULAR OPINION: this movie wasnt creative or good. This was actually a garbage movie.

  • *I have left the chat*

  • Did I hear nine tailed fox oooooooooooooooh naruto baby whooooooo hoooooooo ramen ramen ramen ramen ramen yeah boys whooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh rasengan sasukeeeeeee!!!! Also I think azathoth was the best h.p lovecraft great old one also zogsathoth was cool and also Cthulhu is not actually evil he just does it I mean I haven’t researched or read lovecraft mythos in a while.

  • What if The Bird Box creature is Death incarnate

    • Theres another theory where the monster is acually what a person desires the most. They think it's so amazing that they kill themselves while others stay alive but force others to look because it's so amazingly beautiful. In the beginning a women saw her mother or sister(dont remember) and immediately killed herself so the monster perceives itself as whatever the person wants to see or wants them to see. Weird theory lol

  • the monster is fnaf! people kill themselves when they see it because the thought of making a theory on it is too much to even think of! hahaahhaahhahah!

  • You should do a world war z theory 😂

  • Monster is so nice to not forcefully attack people, they even don't pull off the blindfolds. Well they do make people kill themselves or worship it but that's not important.

  • Obviously, It's Bill Cipher Edit- Also I Like How At 17:22 Ink Bendy was the first one you did XD. Now I'm Just Imagining Henry Trying To Kill Himself When He Sees Bendy.

  • I say the "creature" looks like the girl from the rings

  • Yo mama so UGLY... SHE was the bird box monserrr!!!

  • i know god but your not right god is in your house and why whould god leave blind people they might have done good stuff witch this movie might be the orignal the start of the silent

  • Your forgetting one thing how come can the birds look at it and not die and how can the sense when the monster is near ??

  • But if you kill yourself you go to hell not heaven??

  • is it only me who asks the questions "where did the monsters come from?" and "what are they looking for?" or "what are they doing here?" I've been thinking about that since I saw the movie.

  • Please do a Pewdiepie video

  • Puca means ghost btw

  • No

  • I wonder how the SCP Foundation will deal with this one...

  • It would have been easier if the force was with them

  • Activating SCRAMBLE gear...

  • Are Huli-Jing like kitsunes?

  • All the cool characters died That fat guy who had an awsome character with the novel writting thing.... Or Charlie And that asian guy who played fnaf

  • It's the cathuiliu