Film Theory: How Game of Thrones SHOULD End! (Game of Thrones Season 8)

Publicerades den 14 apr 2019
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There are a LOT of theories out there about how the final season of Game of Thrones is going to end. This is the big moment that we've been building to for years! Everyone wants to be the first to guess the right answer... except me. You see, this is not a theory about how Game of Thrones WILL end. No, after looking through all of the episodes, the foreshadowing, the metaphors, the themes, and EVERYTHING else - this is how the battle for the Iron Throne SHOULD end. Are you ready to know the TRUE answer?
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: BanditRants and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Ok hows this...night king slays everyone in winterfell, resurrects them as white walkers, white walker jon snow kills the night king, he becomes the new night king and kicks cerseis ass then sits on the throne.

  • I think film theory probaly did just shift to the film theorist.

  • The problem i see in this theory is that its way to easy to kill the white walkers in theory you just need to kill the night king and they all die but also we dont know how many secrets Westeros even has the whole human masks thing is just discovered by Aria no one really knows about it,people can revive the dead,so many secret powerfull things you never know what might be lurking around and wont let the night king rule if the houses fail(which we know will not happen bc its a series after all)

  • Neds death was more Honour than pride.

  • 5:31 But Little Finger was the one behind this

  • "the white walkers wouldnt exist if it wasnt for them" well the children created them in a war with man, id say there really to blame

  • Let the White Walkers tear down the decadent incestuous dynasties. Then, when the peace of the grave is on Westros.... Let them cross the great sea and bring ice to Essos.

  • "little finger poisoned joffrey" aight im out boys

  • Lannisters had nothing to do with Jon Aarons death.

  • what about coldzera?

  • I’m sure this has been pointed out but at 5:30 he says the twins killed Jon Arryn that’s not true.. his wife poisoned him at little fingers command. Also if he was just saying this because they wanted us to think that in the first season then I can understand he was just trying to use it to explain his point but he should have mentioned the truth.

  • You're seriously censoring the word Fuck in a got theory?

  • Arya Stark for President 2020

  • @The Film Theorists This may be the most sensible GOT vid ever made.

  • 8:30 literally laughed out loud at the tommen image. his marriage to margaery (age 20?22?) was creepazoidal.

  • This...might just happen. ...Well...with how depressing it's been with favorite characters getting killed off, at least I'm prepared for it.

  • I'm just going to stop you right here. If you using anything that comes of d&d and his writer asshole to explain any pattern. Let me tell right now that the pattern is shit. Any coincidence in theme are random and just your brain trying to make you feel better about you sifting through pile of them. Just stop.

  • I just hope it ends this way.

  • Jon Snow-The Aunt Banger

  • If we could all allow to suspend the idea of JonxDany endgame (as I think they're the biggest Red Herring of the series), we could actually see the parallels and clues on who would rule Westeros at the end. So how about this endgame theory derived from the important people/events from *in-universe history* : Disclaimer: *The ruler/s will parallel the people from last gen* 1. Lyanna (Stark) & Rhaegar (Targaryen) 2. Ned (Stark) & Catelyn (Tully/Stark) 3. Robert's Rebellion was based on a "revenge" of a Baratheon against a Targaryen who supposedly raped/kidnapped/murdered a Stark 4. Bran the Builder who built the Wall against the White Walkers/Night King 5. Dance of Dragons between the Blacks and Greens After the reveal of RLJ (which is the plot twist of the story), we have Jon as a Targaryen heir. On that note, Jon has a higher claim than a certain Last Targaryen queen. If we take this into consideration, the endgame ruler/s must mirror the important people and events from last gen, so what/who could it be? 1. A *Stark* & *Targaryen* couple 2. A couple who mirrors as *Ned & Cat 2.0* 3. A *Baratheon* will die at the hands of a *Targaryen* (since he also has a claim on the IT), who would then die at the hands of a *Stark* whose narrative revolves around the importance of smallfolk and the training to be an assassin 4. A certain *Brandon* will be the key in defeating the Night King/WW 5. Dance of Dragons 2.0 which involves the *Blacks* (Drogon) vs *Greens* (Rhaegal) The Starks are the Heroes of the story. Checkmate. 👀

  • God, you suck at theories man.

  • The ending is everyone dies. GRR Martin said so pretty much himself when he spoke about the series in an interview. To paraphrase, he was basically like "In the end it doesn't matter who your favorite character is, people die, and the world doesn't care." So you're pretty much on the money according to

  • I'm hoping they film a joke ending (a la "Breaking Bad") where they get George RR Martin to cameo and personally kill everybody with something like a minigun or even a nuclear strike.

  • During school, you learn to analyze books and poems, things of that nature. I hated it, then this showed me that picking things apart is fun and rewarding

  • wtf is wrong with danaery's face at 10:01 why would you do that fucking whyAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • #Possible bad but memorable ending

  • You've been messing up easy shit lately matpat....

  • 😓 well thanks Matt for that depressing bag of butts. (Only made more depressing by how well researched, thorough, and plausible it is, as usual.) thanks

  • It's been too long since I watched a Film Theory

  • "A Lannister always pays his debts" is not the family motto. It's "Hear Me Roar."

  • looking at all of the incest, i have concluded just where in the world westeros is sweet home alabama

  • Lol, got a Game Of Thrones mobile game add while watching this

  • Maybe everyone will die fighting in the north. Then the nightking comes for Cersie with three dragons, Jon, Danerys and even Jamie as the undead. As a final bad decision Cersie burns the whole kingdom with wildfire in an effort to stop the wights and wight Jamie kills her immediately after while the nightking sits on the throne.

  • There's so much fcking in this show how do ya watch with families. TF

  • "Edderd Stark"

  • Game of Thrones, AKA Medieval Danganronpa

  • Wouldn't it be a shocker if The Others showed up at Kings landing first, leaving Winterfell for later in the season? Maybe Cersei and the Mountain show up in winterfell without her army. Trial by combat between The Mountain and The Hound IN WINTERFELL! And if The others get ships, is the Iron islands or even Essos safe?

  • - In the world of Ice and Fire there are only two Gods. - The God of Ice is the God of the Singers (Children of the Forest) and The Others (White Walkers), the god of life and death, the god of magical creatures. (note: dragons returned with the return of The Others) - The God of Fire is the God of the humans, A God of many names, A God of war, deception, chaos, blood magic, etc.. That there are many names for the one God of the humans is part of the deception to divide and sow chaos and war among them. Foreshadowing quotes "All men must die", and "To go forward you must go back" - Dragons will lay eggs in Winterfell. - The Others still serve the Singers original purpose. Remove all living humans, the race of men, from Westeros. (being a woman isn't a get out of jail free card) - Once the humans are removed, the Singers will be magically raised or reborn, not as undead. They do rather look like plants and are not human. Notice there are no undead singers. - The Others having completed their mission will cease to exist and the normal seasons restored. - The Singers will reclaim Westeros and with dragons from Winterfell. What humans remain will have "gone back" to Essos with no more dragons.

  • all bets on Samwell tarly

  • Hey mat pat, wanna go to meow wolf? It is a real place and George R R Martin did help with it. Seriously look it up and down some research and if I’m wrong that he help with it, it is still very very fun.

  • I think this is HISHE' job

  • i love this guys videos, but when that stupid photo he took of himself and edits over and over again pops up i just scream.

  • But matpat, the white walkers didn’t kill everyone *the Vikings did*

  • The children of daeny:Jon and Sam:Gilly will be sitting on iron throne .. the children are our future

  • One thing caught me - you said Jaime and Cersei poisoned Lord Arryn - they didn't. Littlefinger did in order to frame them for it as to pit the Lannisters and Starks against each other.

  • WHAT DO YOU MEAN? I seriously care about the Greyjoys

  • I always thought that was how it should end, its a good feeling seeing you're opinions be popular.

  • I want whitewalker to win If they win i'll consider picking this series Because do we seriously think mankind deserve a good ending? (i think yoko taro said this)

  • The music is kinda way too loud, can’t hear a thing.

  • Everyone has ignored these rules, everyone ignored the white walkers except for one person. Jon. That's why he deserves to rule

  • Shes not the first progressives that burn people....... Cough nazis! Look at what they believed. Yeah it was only for germans but really look into their ideas its scary how many thing the have in common.

  • I've never seen Game Of Thrones, but I feel like there's so much happening that watching this video won't really spoil any plot twists that I'll remember if I decide to watch it.

  • The nightking winning is the only way GRR can kill ALL our favorite characters, something he enjoys mercilessly to his readers, SM entirely...

  • 21:17-21:20 5:08

  • I can see this. I can really see this ending and i don't think I could be upset at it.

  • The lesson here? Don't trust the faulty institutions we have, leave aside your pride and make sure the you work together to kill the Lich Ki- I mean the Night King lest he kills you all.


  • Goddamn... this editing is spectacular

  • Also his/her village and the village on the west land (if there is/was one) actually worked together

  • Would it be funny to find at the end that someone during this "game" turns leader of the west land. I never watched this series, but still it would be funny to find out if this happens

  • a marriage with love that was actually positive is R + L = J very very positive jonno snow

  • My theory- Recap of how white walkers where stopped the first go around- The last hero(has other names but this is most common in the books) plunged his sword into his wife to forge a sword fit for killing whites, and ended the war. That makes no sense. They knew about dragon glass and velarian steel being able to kill whites; Sam found and old cache from the olden times, and the only reason they would be distributing those precious metals is because they knew they killed whites. So if the last hero didn’t kill his wife for the sword, why did he? To turn her into a white walker. In a flashback, we see the children of the forest plunge a dragon glass dagger into a man, turning him into a white. It can be assumed the last hero did the same to his wife, and created a queen counterpart of the White king. (Most whites are created by redirection. Only the king and her would be created by such a method) He was married to her, and as she was a true queen, this united the whites and humans. Jon snow will do this to Dani, and marry her. It’s likely that she is pregnant by him, and that child will be a human-White hybrid, joining the two species together. This will fulfill The witches prophecy as another, younger queen will take the throne, with her husband Jon. I believe the death of her dragon was foreshadowing to the price that has to be paid for peace. Poke holes in this if you’d like. I want to see what people think of, and how my theory falls apart lol.

  • Yes but how is the three eyed raven guilty? Or Sansa or Theon or Arya? Also Davos ... almost all the last "heroes" at the front lines are clean.

  • I dont care if everybody just die. Just Arya, she is the best.

  • “Once you get past all the dragons, and war, and incest, what is Game of Thrones really about?” Boobs.

  • All men must die

  • In the song of ice and fire, ice prevails when winter comes


  • I really don't want to see iron man leave the movies


  • At 8.42, that's the icon for the Spanish crown. :)

  • What if night king establishes a necrotocracy?

  • I just want the Night King to show up at the Red Keep on his crazy undead dragon and proceed to murder everyone. The dragon could easily just come busting through that big window in the throne room and annihilate anyone that happens to be there. The Night King would probably turn the undead Mountain on Cersei and completely remove King's Landing from the map.

  • Little finger

  • Another great example on the pride theme is Jon and Sansa's arguments in Season 8 Episode 1. Sansa is so hung up on Jon bending the knee to Daenarys despite knowing her two dragons, two armies and tons of dragonglass will give them a tremendous edge against the Army of the Dead. Sansa is somehow more concerned with titles and looking bad in front of the nobles while Jon is much more preoccupied with keeping them all alive.

  • A great way to end it would be for the White Walkers to nearly win, & in the process destroy King's Landing & the Iron Throne leaving maybe a handful of our main characters alive to recognise where they went wrong & to build a better world in its place.

  • I'm not even going to try and understand this

  • All men must die

  • I thought this vid was how and who will die in endgame avengers 😐

  • Winter has been coming for a long 8 years.

  • Denerys no class divisions=communism

  • Matpat: "Will Daenerys and Jon Snow become Westeros's new hot power couple?" Comments: Ummmm cool incest bro

  • The best ending would be that the one who has no pride, who has "died", who has created the chaos that has broken these institutions, and who nobody thought was good, would be the hero who sits on the Iron Throne...

  • BTW the first men are the new gods.

  • Love the music with the background narration

  • I have literally never seen a single episode of game of thrones

  • OMG not everything is a liberal dream? This is hate speech.

  • Valar Morhulis :3

  • I bet it ends with Jon eying the night king in a bar with his family who quickly goes to the lou. Later he looks up and the screen cuts to black.

  • Well, if everyone does their part... Pewds will win. 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  • In my opinion the only purely good character in GoT is Hodor

  • :3

  • Well, if someone from like, Canada came running and screaming about face eating zombie aliens, do you think that anyone would belive him?

  • Am I the only one who hasn’t gotten into Game of Thrones? I saw like 10 minutes of the first episode. Thumbs up for the boobs but couldn’t get past the 18,000 obscure names and places to remember.

  • I'd love it to end with the Iron Throne being destroyed. Maybe that's what Daenerys's vision of an abandoned throne room meant, that what she is meant to do is to forsake that throne

  • I just rewatched the entire series, the storyline of the sparrow and the sept slogs on for way too damn long.

  • If they played GOT on SE-tv the entire thing would just be demonetization stickers everywhere.

  • I Think The ice guys will win that "Ice king" is The ice chef Im The ice king

  • Cool vid. Though, from a technical standpoint, the music becomes a bit too loud at 11 minutes.

  • Actually according to what you say and pride being everyone's demise, Jon Snow seems the most likely to prevail but I believe Daenerys will fight him at one point.