Eating A 3D Printed Steak

Publicerades den 8 feb 2019
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  • “How would you like your steak?” “Oh, I’ll take it 3-D printed.”

  • Will never catch on but cool

  • What's the point in 3D printing the steak? They could just plop that filling in a mold much faster.

  • dude this... this is future

  • 0:56 imagine a nut shot or a headshot ouch...

  • It's good for the planet, and OK for you.

  • 1:05 Forza motorsport 8 trailer

  • Better be cheap meat if we want to be vegetarians lol.

  • 0:29 That face says it all... "What the fuck am I eating?"

  • 1:51 me when im chillin next to the pool filter

  • 0:33 lol

  • 2:01 i luve close so these there cald the "tree house hotels" abd they are located in rovaniemi finland and they are just the worst they are just next to a high way and they are wery pricy even for one night, they cost up to 300€ per night and our area is filked whit these ice hotels.

  • 2:35 people: hello wanna be friends. Later 2:38 I just wanna be alone

  • He gonna say "IT'S RAW!"

  • Lol 0:34

  • 1:45 when my dad died 😭

  • The ending part was adorable

  • look at that dog

  • Star trek predicted we wouldn't have protein resequencers for another 100 years. I'd say we're making good progress.

  • “Oh, hewo Mr. Krabs.” “OH, DEAR LORD GOD” “Wait, where are ya goin Mr. Krabs?”

  • Are vegans taking over the world???

  • 3% 3d steak 97% random junk

  • at 0:34 ish that’s a constant mood

  • 1:45,when lions try to roar but they burp from eating 3 dears they killed

  • Was the police thing real?

  • soylent green

  • I sell replay buttons of spook 0:34 0:34 0:34 0:34

  • Mmmmm simply delicious

  • 0:33 me when my mom comes home with subway.

  • R.I.P cupcake

  • 2:19 oh you mean im stronger than you song

  • 2:00 I lived here!!

  • Ron Swanson is boycotting the first 30 seconds of this video.

  • 2:55

  • *eating a 3-D steak by putting a steak on it*

  • 2:40 - Me trying to go back to bed

  • He is not satisfied

  • Lol that dog 0:33

  • 0:30 that face says it all that the steak taste like shit

  • It's more fun in the Philippines Like if you want to go in the Philippines

  • You can tell he didnt enjoy that

  • They're armed with slush balls! *RETREAT!!!*

  • 0:35-0:37 when I see my grades and my parents know it’s when we get our grades

  • 1:05 That’s Dai Yoshihara, he’s an insanely good FD Driver

  • Awesome, Now We Can Make Meat Out of Thin Air! *Take That, Green Lantern!*

  • 1:45 hello I just got this mortar cycle from the 1950s

  • Coolest cops ever

  • I wanna join the snowball fight!✋🏻

  • What were the big cats doing

  • 0:34 OMG made me laugh so hard I couldn't breath

  • when your friends do something to make it onto daily dose of internet, you know that they're going places (police snowball fight)

  • God Bless! 777

  • if it looks like meat, feels like meat, tastes like meat, but isnt meat, it isnt meat sorry vegans 1 - 0 to the atheists

  • So we can now 3-D print food? Ladies and gentlemen, we have the early prototype for a Star Trek replicator.

  • R.i.p Cupcake

  • Ah, the snowball fight one was really heartwarming

  • I just want to 3D print steak

  • Lier

  • This is how baby boomers will pay for raising terrible self serving children only to blame a entire generation for the world's problems! Let them eat soy steak!

  • Officer down!

  • 1:19 but he fell...😂

  • Looks like we don’t need to kill cows anymore

  • Know it's gonna take 400x longer to your food


  • 1:16 the guy fell of his bike

  • 2:00 anybody knows where that is?

  • That old lady is fake!

  • 03:12 man down! man down!! man down!!!

  • 2:01 Too bad you can't have sex there

  • Can you PLEASE start putting a warning about when a spider is gonna show up on screen thanku

  • Next objective is to make it look like meat

  • The vegan’s are advancing, we need to drop the bombs

  • Friend: "what are some of your secret powers" Me: "eating a plastic steak"

  • 2:54 Intercom: we got a shooting at 7 11 Phone: BEEEEEEEP Dispatcher: 911 what’s your emergency Random 13 year olds: DUDE THE SNOWBALLS ARE RAD Dispatcher: the cops are on their way..! -15 minutes later- Police: Sh*t we’re out numbered Kids: OMG lolololol the snowballs are op lolololol A guy in the police: can’t we be arresting somebody Another cop: MAN DOWN TAKE HIM OUT, USE THE YELLOW SNOW Kids: bro these snowballs are op omg lol Police: Arrests kids* Kids: your cool but are you gonna arrest me? Police: throws snowball in face Kids: ok 👇turn that blue so you aren’t grey

  • 0:36 that is a scream of true and pure fear

  • 0:33

  • 0:52 that's some spiderman shit

  • what happened to all your videos?!

  • 00:09 read with captions Cannibalism

  • that lion sounded like a dirt bike

  • 0:35 DAT DOG'S FACE

  • *Holographic meatloaf*

  • Video doesn't show him throwing up before killing himself with that fork

  • 0:31 when a Virgin is touched for the first time

  • Kop killers 😱😱😱

  • A police gets a report of a snowball fight, they then just join in. Now this is epic

  • It looks awful im sorry 'Tastes and feels like meat' no the fuck it doesnt

  • 1:46 headline: Lions react to Mufasa’s death from the lion king

  • yo where is the place at 2:08

  • 0:07 McDonalds

  • So it’s bassicly cancer

  • Love the lasso! Giddy up with that 😊

  • I better start seeing that police string in movies.

  • In furure that police thingy will also electroshot you

  • Vegan meat

  • "Please help there's a murderer in my house!" Police: "Sorry were actually at a snowball fight right now."

  • 0:30 face of regret

  • now vegans can enjoy meat

  • Crab: frick this crap I’m out

  • 3D printed steak. They already make Steak Em's.