Eating A 3D Printed Steak

Publicerades den 8 feb 2019
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  • 0:58 csgo canals? lol

  • 3d print organs is possible already. With a bit more time and effort from biomedical engineers it would be put in practical use. 3d printing tech is insane and really deserves more attention

  • That police F150 tho...

  • Who els thinks lions just sound like bubbles

  • That wasn't a new way to stop people. Those have been made for thousands of years. But the launchers are a new thing.

  • Where is that place after the lions ?

  • captions: "The objective is to make food that tastes and feels like *me* without it actually being *me* ."

  • 0:50 That's some batman shit right there

  • i hope american cops dont get to touch that cowboy shit, they will probably shoot it at someones neck

  • The guy who had the 3D steak didn’t look happy with it

  • Waiter how do you want your steak 🥩 I’d like it 3D printed

  • What has youtube recommended to me...

  • That steaklooks disgusting

  • 0:33 *WTF*

  • Police Tryna be **Batman**

  • 0:35 B E G O N E *T H O T*

  • I had to write an essay about 3D printed food

  • Gordon ramsay: Wtf is that? Meat cooker: uuuh, urban meat?

  • The snowball fight one was so cute!

  • 0:34 I laughed so hard when I saw it the first time

  • 1:29 who else thinks it looks like a dog with a magnet?

  • Future of vegans

  • Cant wait to eat data

  • Cows: **am I a joke to you?**

  • The modern bola

  • 1:41 looks like the earths magnetic field

  • 1:41 looks like the earths magnetic field

  • 0:34

  • Put subtitles on at the steak part

  • What new vegans do when they starvin some steak

  • I love the doggo

  • 1:00 thats Venice, Italy and i was at that exact place yesterday right now im in Florence or Firenze in Italian 1:13 is also Venice i also took one of those boats yesterday they're called Gondolas and i was lucky when i went because in gondola an accordian player

  • Y did I hear cows instead of lion roars? My childhood is ruined 😐

  • _Gordon Ramsay_

  • I'd love to see how bad the 'meat' is in the future when its mainstream like margarine!!!!!!!!!

  • Lol the cop one is funny, he might as well say go go gadget return of the jedi ;)

  • Dang cool cops

  • How would you like your stake Plastic please

  • vegans goin crazy these days smh

  • 1:06 when perfectly tune a subru brz in forza horizon 4

  • Vegans can finally eat stake

  • 1:38 *WE ARE VENOM*

  • wait was that last one gta v?

  • 0:34 0:34 0:34 0:34

  • "How would you like your steak?" "Without meat."

  • Great the vegitarians are taking over

  • Future is here

  • Metal? Do you mean iron?

  • Vegans: >:D

  • 3D Printed Steak... Lets give it to africans!

  • 0:35

  • 0:35 bruh im dying lol 😂

  • My parents: lets talk about your grades Me: 2:35

  • Welp we solved starvation

  • McDonlalds: why the fuck didn't we think of this first

  • Who else can't see anything?

  • This foo sounds like Tina Belcher

  • Daily dose hitting me with a cool video 0:35

  • 2:34 Me in society

  • I in general dislike steak, but that one looks absolutely disgusting.

  • Give that to vegans

  • Gordon ramsay has left the chat

  • Yeah that Guy trying that "steak"..... his face said it all. I stay with the real steak.

  • *vegans have entered the chat*

  • 0:34 0:36

  • Are h not hoing to credit JohnyFPV

  • The 3-d printed meat is going to be in a container saying I can’t believe it’s not meat

  • Mom: What is that sound? Me: Musical chairs? No, Musical tigers

  • 0:33 and the rest of that one clip tho XD

  • Liberals be like "Classic case of police brutality" 2:55

  • Okay that was kickass to show the wreck at 1:18.

  • That last one was sweet

  • Fuck dude, vegans are winning

  • The future is now thanks to science

  • 0:33 No one's gonna talk about this?

  • So basically, we have created traps for food?

  • 1:18 oh no

  • Cute crab thingy

  • Ew......?

  • 3D print money... *FBI OPEN UP*

  • That looks so chat


  • 2:07 i wanna live in that house


  • Why is it cooked If 3D printing eliminates the chance of food Bourne parasites or diseases

  • 0:09 Taco Bell has you covered

  • Wait so if you’re Muslim you can eat bacon without eating bacon

  • 0:53) Test Man: Okay that’s it *sees another people coming holding their fist up* Test Man: Wait, THAT’S NOT WHAT I SIGN FOR!

  • 3:12 when he got hit and fell down that made my day

  • I legit got a steak ad

  • 0:33 *gatcha*

  • I love daily dose but what is he saying at the end?? "Nand seeing this video" ... Aaand seeing this video? I can't tell.

  • 0:56 I want that so I could do it to my teacher

    • Why would you do that to your teacher?

  • Come on man! You gotta make karen's homemade holographic meatloaf for plankton.

  • Lacks the lamb sauce

  • If my grandma went to the gym she’d get scared ,forget where she was and then have a panic attack

  • 0:59-1:27 My favorite part of the video

  • Make me a 3d printed girlfriend 😢

  • 0:03 - 0:12 vegans be like

  • I love how during winter, police are just snowballed fighting children while having fun at the same time