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Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson

Publicerades den 31 jan 2019
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  • PART 2 UP NOW!!!!!!

  • creepy as f part 2 is on and i'll watch it after this

  • Ok it’s been months Shane where tf you at

  • 1:04:07 What song?

  • Even all the hollister stores in Sweden has that High music too

  • Why put Momo in it I was told to stop looking at her because I was getting scared and now I’m more terrified

  • I have an conspiracy theory about the fire what if it wasn't the American government what if it was one of the country's many enemy's it makes sense that radioactive waste could kill and extremely hurt many people that could send a signal to the government that making the government hide up the truth so no one would get startled or that a secret war was happening it makes sense does it not.

  • Bruh I swear.. I watched lil pump Instagram story... fire in his back yard 5 minutes later his house is burning 10 minutes later everything is burning

  • Lil pump😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 🤭🤭🤭🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • I’m high and the clock shit kinda tripped me out

  • 27:40 Damn Shane u lookin thiccccccccc

  • Why am I watching this at night alone

  • I think one of the only games we play that isn't messed up or corrupted is Heads Up 7 Up

  • Why do I continue to watch videos like this in my dark room at night.

  • Shane did the right thing, and things need to change. The whole system is clearly wrong.

  • At 1:18:54 he sound like Austin from the ace family

  • This is scarier than any horror movie I’ve ever seen


  • I low key had goose bumps throughout the vid

  • How’s your cat doing 😂😂

  • Please check out amber schol

  • Honey literally one of the cutest words in the world made scary omg only Shane

  • i have a frined who tryed to overdose on drugs to kill herslef TWICE but she lived and they has no problems with her bones or anything she went to a mental instution (she says its not like anything in the movies and people were verry nice) she is on meds and now has a verry good life. i still feel bad for her but im happy she is getting better

  • I heard the static! I'm so fingers scared like I played the video then paused it and then the static played for about 5 seconds. Then it would go away. Then id press the video again and then paused it and Bam static!!!!!!!

  • Why is the government hiding this. *ITS GETTING ON MY LAST NERVE.*

  • Aflac

  • Glad to say, I've never bitten the apple.

  • I loooove how boogie2988 is in the video 😂😂. He is a character (the fat guy who did the Hollister commentary. his lisp isn't real but he does it so good.), but I still love the addition

  • Paradise lookin like Tranzit nigga

  • Yo Shane I just thought of this. Pro and con are opposites. So what's the opposite of progress?? Crazy right. I'm a fucking genius.

  • The scareist thing is when the screen turns black and I see myself

  • Another way to show how complicated deep fake is, and how to make it look better

  • The phone is always listening conspiracy is also in android. Sometimes i could hear what people are saying before they even push answer

  • Watching this for the third time and I recently got my Shane merch and realized that me and Andrew are matching 😂

  • Shane PLz delete zepedo bc u might even get no caller ID call I had that I’m scared so I deleted it PLz just be careful if u have it to long it will start calling



  • The 24k dislikes are from Government officials!

  • it's 4:06 am and well pray for me

  • That’s nasty 🤢 reused pizza 🍕 im never going to chuck e Che’s again I’m about to herl 🤮🤮

  • Yeshua all over shane face!

  • i'm not even half way through this and I am literally panicking I think these conspiracies are bad for my mental health no joke

  • who else is trying to figure out the song in this time stamp 1:09:34


  • Hey Shane......u know how u did the ex of Jake Paul with Alissa U should do the ex of Jake Paul but With Erika Costell

  • We miss you please start posting

  • Shane can you do a video about Bright Ocular it’s really scary and a big SE-tvr like you talking about it would really help warn people about it. Also, you could talk about that model who faked having heterochromia in her eyes and ended up getting Bright Ocular to make it really look like it?

  • That momo part scared the heck out of me


  • the day obama says stay woke bitches is the day my crush tells me he likes me

  • Shane my phone is an iPhone 7 and it will be off and have pictures that I’d didn’t take when it was fully powered off of random moments but my phone was fully powered off and it’s fucking creepy

  • so inspirational!!

  • 1:25:10 ***old man sips the tea as he is spilling the tea**

  • Why did he say part 2/6 at the end? Part coming soon!?!??!?!

  • Guys my phone was automatically taking pics of me when I was cleaning something off my face!!!!😱😱😱😱😱


  • i love my house too much to set it on fire .

  • My brother asked why exactly somebody would wanna burn Cali. There's a population problem with humans right now and the government would have to keep it under control somehow, right? Well, what state is the most/one of the most populated in the United States right now? C a l i f o r n i a

  • its so sad 24K people missed the like button.

  • Shane needs to make robes as merch-

  • i went to Hollister, and some woman walked up to my mom and I saying, "Hi!, how are you guys doing?" and my mom replied nicely, but me being me, i replied with "Get away from me you roach." then she gave me a dirty look. but i don't blame her lmao.

  • Thing is, all those trees are visibly dead at 1:25:50 and definitely should have burned but didn't.

  • This is sponsored by *HONEY*

  • Remember when shane posted youtube videos?😂

  • 1:01:00 slow it down x0.25 = "buy my merch" 😂😂

  • im safe in the comments im safe in the comments im safe in the comments im safe in the comments......

  • I love how this video has more views than Shane's subscribers

  • This is actually frightening

  • Please investigate what’s going on with our Queen Britney Spears. We need answers

  • Shane says omg ALOOOT

  • Did anyone else keep losing bars around 1:25:00-1:40:00? I keep losing bars and internet/data around that point.

    • +Stalker 101 it has happened before but only for five minutes or less. This is the longest gap that has happened during his videos.

    • Unicornymous yes

  • What I do is I put a sticker over my camera then I take it off when I’m gonna take a picture

  • ok so i sleep with my phone right next to my head and the other day i woke up at 5 am because i heard this super loud static noise. i put my phone up to my ear and it was blasting white noise. i freaked out and now i can’t sleep with my phone on my pillow

  • the ceo of a&f talking shit on other people’s appearance like if he doesn’t look like he just walked off the show Botched

  • i love you Calaforna

  • Well he wouldn’t have cheated then 😂sorry I know this is serious 😂

  • I love the idea of this being a Netflix series, but let's be honest. Netflix would limit his creativity and might shut down some theories

  • When I was studying photography and design, my lecturer told me to set the watches to 10:10 so that the hands don't block the brand name. It's also there so it doesnt block additional features such as tiny timers or date counters.

  • guys let's just all get LG's👍😂

  • I was listening to the song sunflower and it seems that they are talking about the KKK some examples are you are down in the dust like there hiding and a nother one is baby im a wrek like there thinking that there not good enough because the KKK is going after them and one other one is when he says eh eh eh sounds like he is saying KKK I made this comment before but it was taken off for some reason mabye the KKK or the GOVERNMENT!!!??

  • Well, obviously, Shane I can't hear it with all your creepy music so loud.

  • *Shane, please react to the NEW Netflix SHE-RA cartoon. Season 2 drops on April 26.*

  • Shanelock domes

  • who else misses all the food videos!

  • The conspiracy about the shops won’t work for much more than 20 years into the future... Hello??? Online shopping??? SAVE US!!!

  • This is so stupid unlike Ryan higga's

  • I wish that Shane and Stephanie Collab idk if it will ever happen

  • I don’t hear static on my phone at all, people just aren’t interested in my life

  • No reason why I have such a dark humor HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • *Shane posts video * *fandom*YUSSSS HES BACK :3 Heh

  • why have i watched this twice

  • Me watching this on my samsung.

  • Omg 2 hours of Shane I’m in heaven

  • Honestly if people tapped into my phone and recorded me, they probably would jus hear me fuckin snoring or crying about how Gordon Ramsey judges his wife p****** 😶

  • I swear I've been able to hear people picking up their phone before they answer or picking it up but not answering it!!!

  • 10:10? Must be big Hoshi fans 😂

  • Nigga said 🐈🌶🏃🏻‍♂️

  • they have to put bio hazard chemical labs underground and need several vault doors to lock it. They also need to have their own bio hazard cleaning room so they can come to surface without any types of diseases

  • 1:22:11 - 1:22:16 is my favourite bit ever, I die