Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson

Publicerades den 31 jan 2019
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  • PART 2 UP NOW!!!!!!

    • Ok so first off last week I heard a loud bang and then I told my sister if she heard it but she didn't so I thought it was nothing but when I got to school the next day my friend told me if I heard the loud bang that happened last night and I told her yes and then she told me that some other people heard it and saw a green light too I'm scared now

    • Zapdeo sounds like a fancy name for pedophilia. And it's a kids app.

    • I wonder if you were to go up high in like a helicopter or something if everything that was burnt made out to be something. and that is why some houses weren't burnt because then it would mess up the design or letter or something. Very interesting maybe that's why it happens every year. because people keep fixing everything and then you cant see what they are trying to make. Scary stuff.

    • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞💞💞

    • 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • *scrolls through comments* 50% about the editing 20% about the fire 29% the random shit 1% ADAM AND EVE LOGO APPLE BITE THINGY like are we just not discussing it🤨

  • The apple is bitten but in movies if you eat it you pass out like with moves that has witches

  • 1:18:26 ‘i wanted to fight but i dint cuz im a classy ass bitch’ LMFAO MEEEE

  • Ik about campfire before wousley so take that government ha

  • The grocery store one is so true! I worked for a company where we purposely go in and change layouts every few weeks. Sometimes moving products 6 or 7 aisles away to confuse customers. The amount of stuff I learned from that job is horrifying.

  • in october 2017 my house burnt down in the Tubes fire. I want to know how this happened cause saying that it was a wildfire isn’t right. no wildfire can do the tubbs and the la fire. i had around 4 acres of land and 20 animals (goats, a dog, a cat, chickens, tortoise). 19/20 animals lived (my dog) and my dog woke me up. all 4 acres of land burnt. I believe that someone caused it and whoever did should go to hell. i feel incredibly bad for anyone that’s ever lost their home or life due to these fires.

  • part 1 completed, part 2 here i come. i ignored my boyfriend throughout this video but kinda worth ittt🤣

  • So are these truth or not someone please tell me???

  • zepetophile

  • I was talking to my mom saying that I needed some ultra boosts and I went on my phone and there was a ultra boost ad

  • This is why I don't have an iPhone, I have a Samsung, but if Samsung does this too can we bring back flip phones? The cartoons and games kind of shocked me, now I know to stay away from certain cartoons and games, especially if I ever have kids. The nursery rhymes are never going to be sung by me again.

  • I’m literally thinking of everything different now... WHAT IS HAPPENING? I TRUST NOTHING?!

  • Even on Zepeto the clocks are set to 10 10

  • Maybe Shane’s phone is tabed because he’s getting closer and closer to finding out the truth. Maybe when their hearing him talk about stuff he knows the government keeps and keeps trying to hide it.

  • how does one make a sponsorship scary

  • Momo scared me

  • I don't have a microwave

  • did anyone realize that stanley the giraffe is the same giraffe that the ace family visited???


  • That’s it. Ducks started the fires. How dare they

  • See.... now I’m happy that my Salvadoran mother never sang me nursery rhymes😁😁😁

  • “The ringing was like bO Ba Lo” - Garret 2019


  • safe to say the government want us al dead. But like y kill everyone u rule over? tf shi don't add u. keep praying n talking to God He the only one that will keep us safe!

  • The fucking giraffe

  • November 8th is my birthday 😬😬😬 🔥

  • You Scare Me. 😂

  • During the video the thing just stopped and a pentagon showed up but it was like a dot at every point and the dots were white and the background was black

  • 'I would rather go to hell than get an android' I love Garrett so much

  • Mine has the noise too and i have an iPhone 7

  • Why you gotta make it terrifying ffs

  • To me the rainbow was a symbol of hope to the people who lost so much!!

  • I love conspiracies oml I need more 😂😂😂

  • can anyone explain to me the first one of the phone call??

  • how do u come up with these conspiracies?? my brain is 💥

  • Wow it's a show


  • This is gave me chills

  • the static on the iphone could be the systems running as every machine does (like in a play station or tv’s whirring sound) but yknow you could be right aswell lmao.

  • 19:07 andrews laugh is scary af

  • The Disney one though 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Justin.Y watches everyone

  • Thats EXACTLTY what I was thinking they r on to u..BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE HE HEARD UR RING!!!

  • Almost everything in this video i been knowing

  • DUCKS?!

  • Fires dont just appear ..... something had to have happened?......... something isnt adding up ..... One little electric malfunction cant cause this much damage

  • omf taht pic of that girl scared the crap out of me im terrified of dolls she looked like a living doll

  • In the holster part Shane putting in happy music with the white people lol

  • SeE wHaT wE nOt GoNe Do is have my laptop crash while watching this video, do you know how close I was going into cardiac arrest? ciao. ✌

  • GARRET:i rather go to hell than get a android ME:that hurt me cause i have a Samsung Galaxy s9

  • Guys imagine Shane and the squad done the escape room challenge!! How funny that would be

  • what makes this worse is almost all my clothes are ambercrombie

  • Tengo que admitirlo, es mejor que Dross 😀

  • k i understand now why i wasn't allowed to watch the shows as a kid (sponge bob) thanks shane!

  • This scared the shit out of me!!

  • Hang man also teaches you that saying the wrong word can get you killed

  • I LOVE his intro!!!!

  • Imagine the chaos when the Diet Coke is out

  • Is it just me or does lil pump have anyone else dead 💀 😂

  • If only Shane had a Netflix show...

  • 1:22:32 who is on an andriod lol

  • Well I guess I know why the idea "suicide is always an option" is stuck in my brain

  • 1:38:17 Pew News?

  • My mom and I talked about the Adam and Eve & Apple conspiracy years ago so I'm shook

  • Good thing I'm too ugly for anyone to be interested in deep facing me

  • The end of tom and jerry is suicide as well

  • the rainbow is a symbol of God's promise to not destroy the world again. So when Shane saw that rainbow that was ovi my first thought. So many people are unaware of bible facts n neglect the things that are in there but if u read or if sum1 who has read the word and can tell u about it I suggest you listen because sad to say our world is dying. and all these events are in the bible.

  • All these natural disasters are signs of day of judgement

  • I love the way you guys can make a joke about creepy things 😂

  • What had Erath come to every one need to stop doing all these stuff soon or later the world would end I will do it by myself but pepole say lady's can't do anything but clean I'm olso just 10 if u aggre please like or do it to save our earth I'm starting to recycle olso help the homeless thanks for listening

  • 1 like = 1 😶I'll add for the scared people

  • About the iphone always listening thing, I have a Samsung and I held my phone up to my ear (like I would if I were talking on the phone) and heard the same weird white noise thing, so maybe its NOT just Apple? I dont really care tho at least SOMEBODY is listening to me (I havent watched the whole vid so maybe they talk about that too, idk)

  • Stay woke bitches

  • Shane’s gonna get SE-tvd deleted!

  • This is better than my childhood

  • Visiting those wildfire homes broke my heart. I hope everyone is ok who were injured and homes taken ❤️❤️❤️

  • There is safiya nygaard deep fake and jenna marbles and I justine and trumps fucking daughter and wife and Kate middleton and Michelle Obama and so many more its ridiculous if we tweet at Trump that his daughter and wife are going through this he probably pass a law on it

  • Goodi have an android

  • 49:15 I remember this very much when I first saw it on facebook years ago without the blurry ness I tried the Siri and I’m shooked

  • I'm about to poop my pants

  • No white noise on my Android.

  • Pew news music

  • Everyone talks about editing but 1 Like is one preyer for victims of the fire God I’m gonna get a lot of likes

  • This scared me

  • Can't relate for the iPhone theory, I have an Android

  • 🔥🔥😱

  • This is a matter of the utmost importance. Recently me and a fellow conspiracy theorist have discovered a possible theory for the roots of our existence. Now remember this is only a theory not facts. None of the contents are ment to harm anyone in anyone in any way, shape or form and please don't sue me. Now let's get into the theory. During Richard Hammond's journey to the Centre of the planet, me and my fellow conspiracy theorist named Rahma ( who came up with the theory. Discovered a new theory that could change the course of reality.This theory dates back billions of years ago, it is the belief that we did indeed come from Mars. Now hear me out, this didn't mean that we were martians, it meant that we as humans used to live on Mars, but then global warming, or something similar to that occurred, and we thought the next closest habitable planet was indeed Earth. Then we might have killed off all the dinosaurs and species that were living here and came down from whatever source of technology that had. In order to make this work, we had to take back and strip all technology away and start a fresh to have a second chance. This meant that the secret was kept hidden and may be formed into a new government or higher power (illuminati). We are not naming any names, this is strictly a theory. Then as time generally progressed what occurred was that this was kept a secret, not being said to anyone. You might be thinking as to why I am naming this random persons documentary. That is because the contents of this documentary include stripping the water from the Earth. When this is done Earth looks strangly similair to Mars. However there are gaping holes where the oceans are supposed to be and we know that in space, gravity occurs, which shapes planets into sphere-like objects. That might be why Mars is generally smaller than Earth and that is why Mars isn't as big. Because Earth may be the closest habitable planet. obviously you might think of what's going on with global warming, well the reason the government is fussing about global warming, might be because you don't want what happened to Mars to happen again because there is no habitable planets close enough or close by. Or is that just what they're saying? We don't know again, this is just a theory and I will investigate further into this theory.

  • i thought live photo was supposed to do that

  • Y’all ever seen “How it ends” on Netflix? The video of that women driving and praying reminded me of it. So sorry for everyone who lost their homes and lives.

  • *feeds pigs*

  • Why do u make it scary?

  • Momo:my heart stopped

  • I saw a video that if you ask alexa if she's part of the fbi she will turn off

  • Zapedo sounds like a fancy name for pedophilia. And it's a kids app.

  • The wild fire was on my birthday But gladly I don’t live in California and I also did not know much about it

  • Omgg.. You wanna know what's scary about humpty dumpty they never said he was a egg

  • Bro shane when you said hey Siri my Siri turned on I got so scared. 🤣😱

  • Shane we go to the exact same mall

  • 1:25:11 sips tea