Can This Chef Recreate My Childhood Cookie? • Tasty

Publicerades den 10 feb 2019
"Maybe one day Rie, when you and I are eighty years old, we'll just make cookies together."
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  • I love how Niki sings

  • I am Singaporean and I don’t know what a pineapple tart is... It is either I have no tradition or I am an alien that got shipped to Singapore...

  • I want those cookies now

  • looks like a small Singaporean version of the Flemish frangipane

  • Yass I live in malaysia and these are DELICIOUS

  • oi oi oi

  • In my country its called "Nastar"

  • what pen did she use at the beginning?

  • is tat pineapple tarts? its a traditional food in Singapore for CNY

  • Bruh😐😐😕 its sssoooo easy

  • its called nastar

  • its called nastar


  • We call it nastar (maybe it stands for Nanas Tart?? Idk) in Indonesia

  • It's called nastar right?

  • I'm pretty thankful my aunt gave me her recipe xD

  • Rie never disappoints anyone

  • Were you born in Singapore because i live right beside singapore

  • Am paoooo yay! That’s why I love Chinese New Year the am pao 😅

  • I love how she niki says "blarp" After everytime she pours something so cute.

  • Would you like pineapple tart fanmail from Singapore? I live there

  • i love how this was a very asian video

  • From where I'm from, these are called pineapple tarts and they're a staple during our eid!

  • Pineapple tart/jackfruit tart

  • 4:12 funny😂

  • pineapple tart doesnr have to look like that, theres simpler designs but they all taste so good


  • I’m happy there’s other Asians in this channel

  • In Indonesia we called it nastar

  • Tart nanas ! !

  • I kind of wish that Rie would just do videos by herself. Anyone else is just an annoyance. Particularly when they have no idea about cooking and just keep cracking non-funny jokes.

  • biasanya disebut nastar

  • This was delightful! Rie is such a treasure! 😭💕


  • Rie is so sweet, I love her ❤️✨

  • Oi oi oi !! 😂😂

  • I really want to marry Rie. How can i make this happen?

  • The cake called nastard in indonesia. And I like it too

  • I made it and it's delicious!!!! 😍😍😍 thank you so much!!

  • wants cookie makes pie instead then makes cookie because shes wrong

  • I wanna make these

  • Riee you were right, the enzyme you're talking about is bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme (breaks down protein) from pineapples, that can be used as meat tenderizer, as well as papain from papaya if I'm not mistaken. The other nutrition students correct me if I'm wrong pls kkkkkkkkkkk

  • If you are Singaporean like this cause all Hale Singapore

  • So where is the recipe?


  • 98% of comments *interesting stuff* 2% of the comments we call it nastar we r from indonesia !!!11111!1111 I totally didn't see 100 other people commenting the same thing!1111

  • They should so go into production and start a business.

  • "Tasty" ,sorry I'm too *Salty* to understand how delicious back for me 😻

  • i want more of this

  • I'm from Singapore :D

  • watching this as an Indonesian person, I automatically refer this to nastar lol. anyone with me?

  • Anyone else born in singapore

  • i didn't know there are many Singaporeans! where do i sign up? im a chef from singapore!

  • i need to make this

  • Everyone: wow rie does everything so nice, she is awesome Rie : I spent a lot of money going to culinary school 8:17 lol

  • Ommmgggg I’m froommmm Singapore 🇸🇬 btw CNY just pastttt!!:) I love Ang paos and pineapple tartssss!!!:) ommmggg I love u guyssss so muchhh Omg wait a second is niki singaporean?

  • 10:41 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • *I was born here and then immediately shipped to Singapore* sksjshshsbsnasjjs I CANT 😂😂😂

  • OMG!!Every Chinese New Year my family always makes them and they're so delicious.When I visit people's house,they always have them and it's all over the market,mall and much more in Malaysia,Kuching.Idk if they sell them at kl(Kuala Lumpur) tho

  • Aiyo ong lai tart nia, come back lah, There’s so much more food to miss

  • How ironic im singaporean

  • Yassss i tried that too when i was child. Nastar...

  • Any Singaporeans out there Only me okay

  • Hmm.... nastar ? :v

  • If Rie comes to singapore, Nikki will be her tourguide lol

  • U need to use fresh pineapple

  • I love Rie

  • this kind of proved not to stray far from the recipe

  • They look like sisters

  • nastar ini mah

  • I love Rie so much

  • I wanna try this with a small tart mold.

  • Tart nenas ! 🍍💛

  • 😢 it looks soo good but I'm allergic to pineapple 😢😢

  • OMG this melody is giving me flashbacks of my childhood. From a tv show, a cooking program. Called (brødrene prise) in Denmark translating to (brothers prise) i loved that show

  • I can't believe that Tasty hasn't made like a shop in LA with the most iconic recipes they've made, a missed/notyetexplored opportunity.

  • “Don’t touch too much” “Sorry”

  • Can Rie please make Kolaches! I would love to see how she makes hers! Shoutout to all them Polish people!!!!

  • The enzyme she spoke of is an enzyme that helps in digestion of meat that's why don't eat pineapple if you haven't eaten anything it'll digestion you inside.

  • Can someone please tell me what happened to niki because I’m confused

  • This is a beautiful video. I hope you had a wonderful lunar new year

  • Their voices are annoying... But I appreciate the video thanks Tasty

  • 9:40 that made me emotional

  • Just made these cookies, and let me tell you.. They are amaizing!! Everyone loved them

  • Is the cookie type they're talking about like a shortbread? That's what it sounds like

  • Start selling them now pls

  • Any one here Singaporean No just me ok But if u are Singaporean subscribe to ME

  • Omg the cute bunny noises they made when they were happy about succeeding 🥰

  • Happy Nikki makes my day

  • Those look yummy

  • u grew up in sg???? me too!!! do you know that 3 pineapples tart is equal to half a bowl of rice........bakua to probs

  • Niki losing from thicc


  • 10:40 what's with her impression?, like she did not enjoy the meal.

  • I think what she try to say is.. Pineapple tart..

  • I think like 1 mistake they made was using spatula to mix/kneed the dough 😂 but I think it’s okay

  • It seems like indonesian cookies "nastar"... with pineapple jam...

  • Congrats in making one. Its need a lot of works in making it. From the jam filling to the biscuits/cookies part. It's supposed to look like a pineapple due the Chinese symbolize it prosperity and wealth. The other shape are like a bronch, pineapple or in rolled version. Kinda a must have especially in Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Most Pineapple are being used are fresh but now kinda modern, there some pineapple jam filling that are sold in the supermarket or the ingredients baking store.

  • Why are these people cooking in what looks like a startup garage? Tasty ffs use some of your youtube millions and get a decent test kitchen.

  • Wait niki is from Singapore 😱😱😱