Assange Arrested and Charged with Conspiracy | The Daily Show

Publicerades den 12 apr 2019
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is arrested on conspiracy charges, ending the nearly seven-year standoff between him and the U.S. Justice Department and raising questions about journalistic freedom.
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  • It is not funny.

  • Fuck off America🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Ecuadorians were pissed because Assange's asylum cost taxpayers millions of dollars, not because he was skateboarding in the halls, get real, i cant stand cable news. Understandable for Noah to say something ridiculous like that, but dont call urself journalists if ur gonna dick around like that

  • Uk its bad when 1/3rd of the likes/dislikes are dislikes

  • Wasn't Assange originally charged with not going to Sweden to talk to detectives about an alleged rape.which he didn't want to do because he said it was a made up charge to get him into a country that he could be extradited from. So now he is being arrested so he can be extradited. Looks like he was right,and the British, Swedish and American governments are all working together to get around their own laws

  • how can u make fun of such a guy as assange? ye he needs to be in jail because law is law for everyone, but u can't take away the fact that he exposed some crazy shit in the world

  • No matter how shitty and unlaughable a joke is, Noah's audience will laugh. Zombies.

  • Trevor noah is scared whether he would be thrown in jail.

  • This is the reason CNN has no cred anymore!! Just another mouth piece for the deep state!

  • sad.

  • Trevor sold out

  • This is not amusing at all.

  • No mention of Ecuador? What happened to this show? Jon Stewart where are you?

  • It's not funny. Shame on you.

  • Assange's arrest has nothing to do with the freedom of the press! He was arrested for hacking!

  • Poor handling of an important topic. It is being used to target how the media operates as Glenn Greenwald and many others have pointed out. It may have been stupid to try to aid Trump, but this stupidity was also part of Hillary's campaign, to raise the fringe candidates in order to more easily win. Obama didn't go after Assange because of press freedom problems, that however is part of Trump's MO.

  • We will never sleep again Trevor, no matter how much you try to desensitize and hypnotize...UNSUBSCRIBED


  • 10k thumbs down means something, glad you're all awake

  • Trevor wouldn't be on if he wasn't part of the agendas

  • Most of the comments here give me hope, obviously not all have been brainwashed and do realize how insane it is that Assange was arrested. The guy exposed WAR CRIMES, the fact that some people are defending his arrest and want him in jail (or worse) is beyond me... Educate yourself, get your priorities sorted and stop sucking on the tit of the US propaganda. Trevor, stick with meaningless topics and bashing Trump, that's what you do best. When it comes to serious topics such as this one, don't embarrass yourself and restrain from making any comments without prior analysis.

  • What a disgusting segment. I'm not an Assange fan, but he put his life on the line to expose war crimes and our government. Taking the side of the American empire to silence the press isn't a good reflection on you.

  • Hopefully this video finally shows the libtards what kind of person Noah is

  • Trevor Noah youre an arse hole

  • Colbert was definitely worse than this about Assange. However Trevor you are just as disgusting and have no integrity. Unsubscribed.

  • Wtf Trevor ?

  • I would send Trevor Noah and Jesse Waters to the gulags

  • Everyone hates Assange??? Speak for yourself Noah you unfunny retarded git. Nelson Mandela was also thrown in prison for speaking the truth in that shit hole you call home in South Africa. Julian Assange is a true hero of our times and doesn't need belittling by a waste of space piece of shit like you.

  • this a$$whole is a piece of shi+! Hack!!! Can’t stand him

  • He's a comedian with writers relax guys

  • Sad! Didn't expect Trevor to stoop so low. I hope the Patriot Act would make an effort to share the truth.

  • SE-tv removing dislikes as usual...

  • I am very disappointed on you Trevor. I think you should apologize in a segment soon.

  • This does not deliver the degree of distinction the topic would deserve. Trevor Noah and Team, you can do better. You prooved so very often. Don't let the people down.

  • This guy has always been a white people bitch.

  • Trevor is a complete hack! Can't believe people watch this crap. He is no different than CNN, MSNBC, and FOX news. Just a tool

  • This is soo sad to watch 💔 I can't believe that Trevor did this terrible 6:48 of shame. So disappointing TN 😞 I always loved how your mind works and the way you explain things for your audience but THIS! It was soo not you 👎

  • You are quite the government tool Trevor. Go back to where you are from.

  • You are quite the government tool Trevor. Go back to where you are from.


  • What the hell? This wikileak guy is in ecuador? Lmao

  • Oh yes look at that scraggly beard, how ridiculous. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the Ecuadorian embassy refusing him access to razors, among other inhumane treatment. What a silly man Assange is. You are a true comedian Mr. Noah.

  • I liked your show up until this point, I thought you smarter then that. His arrest speaks volume on the future of journalism. Exposing corruptions in government and institutions. Shame on you Trevor

  • Trever, political satire does not include making fun of a whistle blowers appearance who has been in sanctuary constraint for standing up to the powerful. That was a very sad moment. His courage against the powerful elite to stand up for truth in a world that is lacking in said commodity, requires a much more lucid insight rather then a frivolous sand box excretion.

  • Trevor you sell out. Money and greed has warped your morals and ethics. Sad to say that you are a fellow South African who experienced Apartheid

  • Trevor Noah is a paid actor. So muck Fake New in this reporting. After reading the comments I have to ask: Who and Who did like the video.

  • Trevor you are nothing more than a punk ass bitch that reads teleprompters without scrutiny. Julian is a role model unlike you.

  • This episode was lame. So much lack of integrity.

  • shame on show. He dedicated his entire life for truth.

  • 🖕

  • Not rogue! Truth which you Libtard puppet wouldn’t understand.

  • i waited till the end so you could atleast make a point. i am disappointed.

  • What a bland, misinformed and ignorant statement. The left has become a giant bubble as well. On the right, it's anger masquerading it. On the left, laughter.

  • wats so funny about this Trevor really its a shame.

  • Pentagon Papers. Enough said.

  • Mention the main things that he helped expose EXCEPT the one where USA army fired at civilians from a helicopter. How convenient! Noah, you've become part of the character assassination that's ongoing against Assange in order to remove the public's sympathy for him. Oh John Stewart. How they've tarnished your legacy.

  • This show sucks.

  • funny stuff Trevor, i guess your anti-establishment persona goes as so far as mocking Trump...

  • @Trevor Noah This video really dissappoints me He is not Donald Trump He is a true hero.. 😞

  • this video shows manufacturing consensus in practice

  • trevor you piece of shit cocksucking bastard , you inherited the most edgy show and turned it to shit, Assange is the most brave person out there , shame on you you fuck

  • Wtf

  • That fuck is a dirty dirty man, Rot in hell. Not journalists...hacking is a crime... bitches.

  • Disgusting show

  • W A R C R I M E S.

  • How can Trevor be such a tool?

  • Wow. Hypocrisy: "is against trump going after journalists. then a journalist gets arrested and he backs up the government :))) laughable and indicative of this shows INCREDIBLE IRREVERENCE FOR THE THING THAT JON STEWART BUILT AND THE IDEOLOGY THAT COMEDICJOURNALISM SHOULD REPRESENT

  • 21 century Western World: get arrested and ridiculed by "journalists" over releasing REAL FACTs. Hey Earth is round. Doesnt matter if stolen its still facts. Trevor noah did no justice to assange or the issue of journalism in america.

  • Disapointing. How much have you been payed to all of the sudden be on board with diabolizing Assange?

  • He is a National Hero. Exposing Massive Government Corruption. This is not at all funny. The people Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity are Free & the Hero who'm exposed them is arrested? Wake up their taking away the Guaranteed Constitutional Freedom's. We the People need to Speak Out & put a stop to this Immediately. Shame on U Trevor & The Daily Show. I stopped watching when I saw TN being a good Corperate Scripted Puppet. At least John Stewart had a few shreds of Common Decency?

  • Shame on you trevor!.

  • Assange is a fucking tool. And so is every whiny shit griping about this. Fuck you all.

  • Man, it's sure become trendy for liberals to bash Assange recently huh? This shit is sad. This is how propaganda is spread...through comedy.

  • Fuck you Trevor Noah.

  • I’ve just decided I don’t like Trevor Noah. I want John Stewart back.

  • We need the truth and WikiLeaks. Government secrets? Where's the Freedom to Information? None? We need him out. Now. And I'm sure governments are afraid of journalists like him.

  • i knew the daily show's been corrupted, this just proves it. nice try

  • Now I'm convinced that you are a tool.

  • Assange is not the monster tRUMP is.

  • This clown, rat can fuck off. We are stuck with Trump as president because of Assange.

  • youre not a journalist youre Aa lowlife racist crap

  • Americans are so dumb they laugh at jokes that go against their freedoms and rights... And make fun of those who are fighting for them....... You people truly don't deserve the Constitution that has been given to you

  • Who the fuck you think you are Noah? You are a desgrace..This is completely unacceptable. Man, you know how high some people think of you? Shit, man..

  • Journalists don't have to fear being arrested for exposing truth, as long as they aren't the ones procuring the information. If Assange had only released the info and didn't have a direct hand in acquiring it, then they couldn't charge him. It's why he wasn't charged with Wikileaks releasing the Clinton emails.

  • Ah it’s so funny hahaha Donald trump just put Chelsea Manning in a men’s prison hahahhhhahha hahahaha

  • This is by far the worst piece Trevor has done.

  • I do not think his arrest should be made fun of. It is not a joke! He sacrificed a huge chunk of his life for the truth and this is the best you can say about him? This video is tasteless.

  • You Trevor Noah are a disgrace to that monument on your background and what it claims to symbolize. Your name will be forgotten, even by those who watch your sad attempt at humour, the day you draw your last paycheck while Assange will live on as a hero for all time to come. He is a revolutionary. You can kill the revolutionary but you cannot kill the revolution. That and I hope a cat poops on your smug face. I'm not sure it is worthy of anything more than being a receptacle for a healthy helping of cat crap.

  • Disgusting!

  • What a poor commentary on a serious breach of rights.

  • You're making fun of him and there will be putting a restriction on your commentary as well.

  • 9k disliked. It's gonna be 10k soon.

  • Oh, Trevor. What the hell? Is this about Hillary? This is the first time I feel like unsubscribing. Disappointed.

  • God. This shit. SNL too. No one hates Assange. This is how you make trump win again.

  • You're fucking cunt Noah

  • Trump's election buddy.

  • Damn Trevor you are really a fucken ass home bra!!... Bendiku thembile ta yam @xhosa

  • *Julian Assange is a True Hero who dedicated his whole life in Exposing all governments, nations that is why he had to run and didnt had countries giving him asylum*

  • 3:05 Why the hell was Julian Assange skateboarding in the hallways of an embassy and steling thear wifi? Answer: He didn't. Now, this would be a funy question: -How the hell would Julian Assange get a skateboard in an embassy?

  • 2:33 Yea right, we definitely believe that that's true!